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Inside Politics Archive: September 2013

  • Terry McAuliffe continues cash advantage in Virginia governor's race

    Democrat Terry McAuliffe raised approximately $7.4 million in July and August compared to $5.7 million for Republican Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II and holds a better than 2-to-1 advantage in cash on hand for the stretch run of the Virginia governor's race. Published September 16 2013

  • Ron Paul: Opposition to Syria strike marks 'sea change' in U.S. foreign policy

    Former Rep. Ron Paul said the opposition to President Obama's calls for a military strike against Syria could signal a shift away from the military adventurism that has dominated U.S. foreign policy. Published September 16 2013

  • Christie up big in bid for 2nd term as N.J. governor: Poll

    A new poll shows that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is holding onto a 20-point lead in his re-election bid — putting the Republican on strong footing heading into the homestretch of the gubernatorial race. Published September 16 2013

  • Congress stays close to home when begging for money

    Congress doesn't wander far when it wants to raise money, according to a new Sunlight Foundation report that says most of the action happens within three blocks of the Capitol. Published September 16 2013

  • Russian official mocks Navy Yard shooting

    A Russian official blasted "American exceptionalism" in a tweet Monday morning, saying the deadly shooting at Washington's Navy Yard confirms the worst about the U.S. Published September 16 2013

  • Stocks rise as Summers withdraws

    Wall Street responded euphorically Monday morning to the news that former Treasury Secretary Lawrence H. Summers withdrew from the race to become head of the Federal Reserve. Published September 16 2013

  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren pushes Janet Yellen for top Fed post

    Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts said Monday she hopes President Obama will choose Federal Reserve Vice Chairwoman Janet Yellen as the first woman to run the nation's central bank. Published September 16 2013

  • Most Americans approve of John Kerry's job performance: poll

    Six in 10 Americans approve of Secretary of State John Kerry's job performance, notching him a better rating than either President Obama or Vice President Joseph R. Biden, a new poll shows. Published September 16 2013

  • Hillary Clinton remains leader of the Democratic pack for primary: poll

    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appears to be the Democratic frontrunner for the 2016 presidential primary election, even though she hasn't officially announced that she is running, a new CNN/ORC International survey reported Monday. Published September 16 2013

  • Obama notes 50th anniversary of Birmingham church bombing

    On the 50th anniversary of the bombing at the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Ala., President Obama said Sunday the "horrific" deaths of four black girls helped to spur the civil rights movement. Published September 15 2013

  • Obama tees off with ESPN's Kornheiser, Wilbon for second time in two months

    President Obama is once again on the golf course with ESPN commentators Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon. Published September 14 2013

  • GOP on the rise in new poll

    A new poll out Friday offered some encouraging news to Republicans looking to hold their majority in the House and reclaim power in the Senate next year, with a newly-released NBC/Wall Street Journal poll finding growing support for the GOP several key policy issues. Published September 13 2013

  • Vitter wants Reid, Boxer investigated by ethics panel over threats to revive call girl scandal

    Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana has asked the Senate's ethics committee to investigate Sen. Barbara Boxer — who happens to chair the panel — and Majority Leader Harry Reid for reportedly drafting legislation that would tie an Obamacare-related vote to past acts by lawmakers, a measure that would dredge up Mr. Vitter's prostitution scandal from years ago as payback for meddling with the health care law. Published September 13 2013

  • D.C. congresswoman encouraged by new criticism of Redskins name

    The District of Columbia's sole voice in Congress said Friday she is "encouraged" by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's evolving views on whether it is appropriate for Washington's franchise, the Redskins, to have a name that many consider disparaging toward American Indians. Published September 13 2013

  • Disability program made more than $1 billion in overpayments: GAO report

    The Social Security Administration has doled out roughly $1.3 billion in overpayments to about 36,000 people in the disability insurance program, government investigators said Friday. Published September 13 2013

  • GOP Rep. Graves: Voters demanding Obamacare defunding

    GOP Rep. Tom Graves of Georgia said Friday that members of Congress are hearing grief from their constituents about the new health care law and are coalescing around his bill to defund the law, despite political hurdles in the days ahead. Published September 13 2013

  • Gov. Chris Christie: 'Heart goes out' to people affected by massive boardwalk blaze

    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie told the public late Tuesday his "heart goes out" to the denizens of Seaside Park, N.J., where a massive blaze destroyed a large portion of their boardwalk and rolled back months of rebuilding after Superstorm Sandy decimated the state's shore towns last fall. Published September 13 2013

  • White House: No spending deal can delay or defund Obamacare

    The White House said Thursday it will not accept any short-term spending deal that impedes the rollout of President Obama's health care law, taking a firm stance on the issue while Republicans weigh their options for attacking the law. Published September 12 2013

  • Steny Hoyer: Tying Obamacare to spending deal is a 'nonstarter'

    House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer said the bid to defund the health care law before the government can be funded past this month is "simply unacceptable" and a "nonstarter" for Democrats and President Obama. Published September 12 2013

  • Biden scrubs Panama trip amid Syria crisis

    Vice President Joseph R. Biden has scrapped a planned trip to Panama next week, the White House said Thursday. Published September 12 2013