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Joe Curl Archive: November 2008

  • PHOENIX -- A Palin Burger?

    Superstar Gov. Sarah Palin spent Wednesday poolside at the luxurious Biltmore Hotel Resort and Spa. Published November 6 2008

  • Hugs, smiles at McCain-Palin event

    Oddly, the mood at the "McCain-Palin Victory 2008" bash was not one of abject despair. Strangely, there were hugs, smiles, claps on the back. Published November 5 2008

  • Biltmore crowd awaits McCain

    The mood is still upbeat, but some small groups talk in hushed tones. Published November 4 2008

  • A summons to the ballroom

    The media pool gathers in anticipation of Sen. John McCain's appearance. Published November 4 2008

  • Straight talk

    On the final campaign flight, Sen. John McCain reflects on his two-year presidential run. Published November 4 2008

  • McCain gets off to weak start

    Reporters awoke on Monday after three hours of sleep to schlep out for the first of seven events of the day. But the schedule was promising. Published November 3 2008

  • McCains treat media tricksters on Halloween

    The Straight Talk Express airplane became Spook Central on Friday night. Published November 1 2008