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LoBianco on Maryland Archive: August 2008

  • Peace is in the air

    Skywriter drafts informal preamble to Obama speech. Published August 28 2008

  • 'These Clintons are ruining me'

    Former Clinton campaign chairman and longtime confidante Terry McAuliffe does some off-the-cuff stand-up for Virginia delegates this morning. Published August 27 2008

  • Clinton a proud wife?

    U.S. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton cited her many allegiances in the opening of yesterday's speech, save for one very important connection - her marriage to former President Bill Clinton. Published August 27 2008

  • Clinton a la Orange

    Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's orange pantsuit could have signified any number of things. Here are a few guesses. Published August 27 2008

  • Salazar to nominate Obama

    Colorado Sen. Ken Salazar to formally nominate Barack Obama as the Democrats' presidential candidate tomorrow. Published August 27 2008

  • A Chocolate City for One Week

    Maryland blogger speculates whether the influx of black delegates and activists has temporarily turned Denver into, in the words of the funk group Parliament, a Chocolate City. Published August 26 2008

  • Webb: Dems should tackle offshore drilling

    U.S. Sen. Jim Webb says one of the "great mistakes" the Democratic Congress made before going to recess was letting Republicans lead on the issue offshore drilling. Published August 26 2008

  • Webb channels Moynihan

    U.S. Sen. Jim Webb told members of the Virginia delegation this morning he'd like to see a better balance of power in the country, by having Congress assert more control. Published August 26 2008

  • Try the Obamapolitan

    From the Obamapolitan to the Rodham Sockem, Dixon's restaurant has some fairly snarky cocktails for the DNC delegates. Published August 25 2008

  • DC Voting Rights Tuesday

    DC voting rights activists to air music video at convention before Holmes Norton's speech. Published August 25 2008

  • Blogging for Trail Times

    Catch my DNC updates at our convention blog - Trail Times Published August 25 2008

  • Break out the jams

    DNC protesters are counting on big names and free shows to bring out supporters. Published August 25 2008

  • DNC "Bunk"

    Actor Wendell Pierce, from HBO's The Wire, to be at Franchot party Monday night. Published August 22 2008

  • O'Malley's rosey budget scenario

    Not all is as it appears in Gov. Martin O'Malley's new political brochure Published August 22 2008

  • LoBo at the DNC

    I'll be at the Democratic National Convention in Denver next week. Check here for routine updates and colorful bits from inside (and outside) the convention center. Published August 22 2008

  • Lawmakers to return in September?

    Andy Rosen at The Daily Record has a sharp write-up on the state's looming budget problems. Published August 20 2008

  • Slots are for tots

    Slots are for children – it's the boiled-down mantra, oft-repeated in Annapolis and among slots supporters. But before they were for the children - in the sense they will pay for public education and school construction - they were for horses. Published August 19 2008

  • Feeding the troops at MACO, and budget portensions?

    Maryland Association of Counties' crab feast started under dark storm clouds before a quick, yet potent, rainstorm blew through. By the end of the conference, Saturday, the sun was shining bright: a possible metaphor for budget troubles which have blanketed the nation? Published August 18 2008

  • Crab rations and budget portensions

    Organizers for the Maryland Association of Counties crab feast Friday delivered a whopping 90 bushels of crabs to more than 1,400 hungry pols, staffers and family members. Published August 18 2008

  • 'Going down the ocean'

    I'll be "down the ocean" (as we natives like to call it) later this week for the Maryland Association of Counties conference in Ocean City, Md. Published August 13 2008