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Lovey Land Archive: July 2008

  • Talking to umpires

    For reporters, it may be easier to talk to the Pope than to umpires Published July 31 2008

  • Guillen unhappy -- what a shock

    Jose Guillen is now unhappy with his ninth major league team Published July 30 2008

  • A boxing upset

    Margarito upsets Cotto, but what's next for boxing? Published July 29 2008

  • Big fight tonight (Saturday)

    Miguel Cotto vs. Antonio Margarito may be worth the buy Published July 26 2008

  • Gibbs in bronze

    Joe Gibbs is choice for a Redskins statue Published July 24 2008

  • A Redskins statue?

    Three baseball statues will be unveiled in Washington next year -- but still there are no Redskins statues. Published July 22 2008

  • Sack dancing

    The Washington Redskins land a stud dance partner Published July 21 2008

  • Baltimore vs. Washington

    Baltimore vs. Scranton? Maybe. Baltimore vs. Washington? Not even close Published July 18 2008

  • Rose still a fraud

    The Costas Now HBO show Wednesday exposed Pete Rose, again, as a fraud. Published July 17 2008

  • All-Star Classic

    The All-Star Game truly was the best of the best Published July 16 2008

  • Say it ain't Joe

    Joe Torre ruined the All-Star Game. Published July 14 2008

  • Snooze weights

    Saturday afternoon's heavyweight title fight was another nail in boxing's coffin Published July 12 2008

  • Charlie and Dave

    At least the Nationals radio game broadcasts are top notch Published July 11 2008

  • Friend of mine

    Michael Franzese wants me to be his friend Published July 10 2008

  • Skins-Favre headache

    The unretirment of Brett Favre could prove to be a massive headache for a former Redskins player. Published July 9 2008

  • A-Rod's cavity search

    One of the nation's top journalists is working on a book about New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez Published July 8 2008

  • Talking baseball with David Simon

    Here it is, my concession to new media -- a blog, whatever that actually is. Published July 3 2008