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Lovey Land Archive: April 2009

  • Mixed Martial arts at the Patriot Center

    UWC puts on another show at the Patriot Center on Saturday night Published April 24 2009

  • St. Elijah

    Elijah Dukes as persecuted victim may be the biggest laugh baseball's whoopee cushion, the Washington Nationals, has produced yet.   Published April 22 2009

  • Zim new deal, Zim good deal

    The last letter of the alphabet held some good vibes for the Washington Nationals. Published April 21 2009

  • The Washington Misfits

    The Washington Nootonols made the NBC Nightly News on Saturday, another step in this franchise's credibility reclamation project.   Published April 19 2009

  • Jamie Moyer has a good heart

    Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Jamie Moyer doesn't throw any curve balls when it comes to helping other, and he will be reaching out to Washington area kids this summer Published April 15 2009

  • Harry Kalas collapses

    Developing at Nationals Park: Phillies announcer Harry Kalas collapses Published April 13 2009

  • Thrilla in Manila

    You might think you've seen it all when it comes to the Ali-Frazier rivalry, but HBO will show a must-see documentary Saturday night on their battle in the Phillipines Published April 8 2009

  • Interesting note in the O's media guide

    Does Peter Angelos have no shame? Published April 7 2009

  • They came to boo Mark Teixiera

    Mark Teixiera comes to Baltimore with baseball's traveling road show, the New York Yankees. Published April 6 2009

  • Nationals sharing the field with local high schools

    The Nationals are taking steps to reconnect baseball with District families. Published April 6 2009

  • College boxing championships at Maryland

    The National Collegiate Boxing Association national championships were held this weekend at the University of Maryland, and the event was a resounding success. Published April 5 2009

  • The most talented quarterback since Joe Theismann

    When the Redskins lost out in the Jay Cutler trade sweepstakes, they lost a chance to get the most talented quarterback they've had since Joe Theismann Published April 3 2009