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Out of Context Archive: December 2008

  • Dems want Obama to take on the economy

    Some Democrats are saying that President-elect Barack Obama needs to be more assertive in working on the economy. Obama says there can only be one president at a time. Now I'm confused. Published December 5 2008

  • Obama raised $104 million

    Barack Obama raised $104 million in October and November for his campaign. And people wonder why the economy is out of whack — his campaign sucked up all the money! Published December 5 2008

  • McCain camp spent oodles on Palin's locks

    The McCain campaign spent more than $110,000 for a hair stylist and a makeup artist to travel with and tend to Sarah Palin. It just proves the old saying that good hair does not come cheap. Published December 5 2008

  • Oprah hits Palin rumors

    Talk show host Oprah Winfrey says she'd love to talk to Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. But only if she promises to jump on her couch. Published December 5 2008

  • O.J. gets his sentence today

    O.J. Simpson will find out how long he will be behind bars — and this time, those bars don't serve fruited drinks. Published December 5 2008

  • Stocks fall on prediction of cheap oil

    The stock market fell for first time in three days because the price of oil might fall to $25 a barrel. At that price, everybody could buy their own barrel. Then where would Exxon be? Published December 4 2008

  • Bushes buy Dallas home

    President Bush and first lady Laura Bush have purchased a house in Dallas. Guess all this time in Washington has finally citified the Bushes. Published December 4 2008

  • Toymaker offers Lego Nazis and terrorists

    A toymaker in Great Britain has created a range of new Lego characters that includes Nazis and al Qaeda terrorists. The toymaker was so close to having a good idea but missed it by that much. Published December 4 2008

  • Capitol One looks to buy Chevy Chase Bank

    Financial restructuring is afoot, with finance company Capitol One aiming to buy Chevy Chase Bank. I worry that someday soon one company will own all the banks. Published December 4 2008

  • Vermont waiting on Bush

    Vermonters are wondering if President Bush will visit their state before he leaves office. Well, Vermonters are so laid-back that "wondering" might be too strong a term, but the notion has crossed their minds. Published December 4 2008

  • Bad economy keeps couples together

    Couples who have separated or divorced are staying together because the economic downturn makes it hard for them to leave each other. So if the economy tanking should lower the divorce rate, would that be a victory for social conservatism? Published December 4 2008

  • Solar car goes around the world

    Running solely on the power of the sun, a car has traveled around the world without a tank of gas. Now that's gas mileage we can live with. Published December 4 2008

  • What is Arnold's next move?

    California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will be out of office in a few years and looking for something else to do. So watch out, all of you girly men. He might come over to pump you up. Published December 4 2008

  • Kennedy auction offers unique items

    A charity auction for the Robert F. Kennedy for Human Rights offers plenty of singularly experiences — for the person lacking in singular experiences, I suppose. Published December 4 2008

  • Fossil of giant flying reptile found in Brazil

    Scientists have uncovered the fossil of a huge flying reptile that lived 115 million years ago. It's big and new, but the velociraptor is still the coolest dinosaur. That and Keith Richards. Published December 4 2008

  • Britain, Sweden cut interest rates

    Central banks in Sweden and Great Britain have slashed their interest rates to shore up their economies. So by cutting the rate, the economy can grow? Sounds crazy — so crazy that it just might work! Published December 4 2008

  • Best female figure might not be so curvy

    The optimal female shape for dealing with stressful situations is a lot less curvy than the hourglass ideal. Sorry guys. Published December 4 2008

  • Fashion designers size up D.C.

    The designers behind the label Badgley Mischka showed off their wares and had some choice words for D.C. fashion plates. Published December 3 2008

  • Women note bias in campaigns

    American women say Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin received more negative coverage during the campaign than their male counterparts. And they received more criticism about their hair and clothes — mostly from other women. Go figure. Published December 3 2008

  • Harvard loses $8 billion in endowment funds

    The iviest of the Ivy League, Harvard University has lost $8 billion in its endowment over the last quarter. Don't worry, Harvard. You've still got a good brand name. You'll bounce back. Published December 3 2008