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Out of Context Archive: December 2008

  • Richardson to be Obama's commerce secretary pick

    President-elect Barack Obama wants Gov. Bill Richardson to head the Commerce Department. Listen up, Dennis Kucinich! There might be an administration job in there for you somewhere! Published December 2 2008

  • Madonna, A-Rod go apartment shopping

    Soon-to-be-divorced Madonna and Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees are looking for a place together. If it seems a little fast for Madonna, remember that her biological clock is ticking. Published December 2 2008

  • Obamas heading to Hawaii for Xmas

    President-elect Barack Obama is taking the family to Hawaii for the holidays. Isn't that a song — "Hawaii for the Holidays?" If it isn't, it should be. Published December 2 2008

  • Bradlee hits 'Frost/Nixon' for Nixon apology

    Former Washington Post chief Ben Bradlee gives "Frost/Nixon" a thumbs-down on historical accuracy for including an apology by the former president. Sorry. Oops, sorry for that apology. And that one, too. Published December 2 2008

  • Stocks up again after loss

    The stock market has rebounded a little after suffering a huge loss the day before. This up-and-down motion in the stock market is hurting my neck. Something like carpal tunnel, but in the neck. Like a pain — in the neck. Published December 2 2008

  • Wounded deer attacks hunter

    A hunter bagged a deer only after the wounded animal nearly had bagged him. When deer fight back, you know you've gone too far. Published December 2 2008

  • Automakers seek bailout again

    Detroit's automakers are going before Congress in search of a multibillion-dollar bailout again. "Everybody else is getting one. Why shouldn't we?" they say. Good argument. Published December 2 2008

  • Judges dismisses Cheney indictments

    A judge in Willacy County, Texas, has thrown out indictments against Vice President Dick Cheney and former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Both Cheney and Gonzales breathed a sigh of relief. Well, technically, they just breathed — but if you listened closely, you might have heard a sigh. Published December 2 2008

  • New drug helps beat jet lag

    An insomnia drug helps the body produce melatonin to counteract the sleep-deprivation woes brought on by jet lag and shift work. It's making me sleepy just thinking about it. Published December 2 2008

  • Rice plays piano for queen

    Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice tickled the ivories for the queen of England. Not quite a command performance, but close. Too close. Published December 2 2008

  • Hospital failed to report Plaxico's shooting

    A New York hospital faces scrutiny after treating Plaxico Burress' gunshot wound without reporting it to police. Hospital officials say, "At least we didn't mess up the medical part." Published December 2 2008

  • Bill Clinton might take Hillary's Senate seat

    Former President Bill Clinton is a candidate for replacing Hillary Clinton in the Senate. Is the economic downturn so bad that a former president has to come out of retirement? Published December 2 2008

  • Facebook faces a spam bind

    With more than 120 million users, Facebook needs more advertising via spam to make ends meet. But nobody really likes spam, except Hawaiians, who almost consider it a delicacy. Published December 2 2008

  • Arnold declares fiscal emergency in Calif.

    Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has called a special session of California's General Assembly. And when Arnold calls, people listen. They might not understand immediately, but they do listen. Published December 1 2008

  • Obama to buy wife a thank-you ring

    Barack Obama is planning to purchase a very expensive ring for wife Michelle to say "thanks for supporting me." Say what you will about his politics, but the man has style. Published December 1 2008

  • Jolie is No. 1 in Yahoo searches

    Angelina Jolie is the top searched-for woman on Yahoo. I guess that deserves a "Yahoo-oo!" Published December 1 2008

  • Stocks fall nearly 680 points

    The Dow Jones Industrial average falls again after having risen significantly last week. You could describe the stock market as a roller coaster, but that would be giving roller coasters a bad name. Published December 1 2008

  • Mayor gives 7-hour speech on YouTube

    San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has recorded a 7-and-a-half hour speech to be posted on YouTube. Riveting stuff, if you can stay awake. Published December 1 2008

  • Obama unveils national security team

    President-elect Barack Obama nominated Hillary Clinton as secretary of state and named the rest of his national security team. Let the games begin! Published December 1 2008

  • Company makes coffins for baseball fans

    Baseball fans in the Boston area can show their love for their teams when they set off for that great baseball diamond in the sky. It's kinda like "Field of Dreams": if you build it, they will come. Published December 1 2008