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Out of Context Archive: December 2008

  • Hillary Clinton writes off $13 campaign loan

    Hillary Clinton has begun shutting down her campaign by writing off a multimillion loan. And not a moment too soon. Published December 23 2008

  • States eye new taxes

    The economic downturn has caused state treasuries to shrink, so the states are looking to raise taxes. That makes sense, doesn't it? Published December 23 2008

  • Hawaii trying to cash in on Obamania

    Hawaii is trying to capitalize on Obamania because the 50th state apparently has nothing else going for it. Pineapple, anyone? Published December 23 2008

  • 'Bad boy' genes found

    That sounds like a clothing discovery, but it's more scientific. Published December 23 2008

  • Vatican backs iPhone prayer book

    The Vatican is embracing a prayer book application for the iPhone. And you should hear the ring tone! Heavenly. Published December 22 2008

  • Man goes for bear hug with Knut

    Sometimes you've just got to wonder what some people are thinking. And sometimes you just know they're not thinking at all. Published December 22 2008

  • Man eats 7 pounds of latkes to win contest

    A Long Island deli held a latke-eating contest, and the winner ate 7 pounds of the potato pancakes. Pass the Alka Seltzer. Published December 22 2008

  • Study: Video games good for older brains

    A new study shows that video games help improve cognitive functions in older people. Of course, this is just the excuse I was looking for to justify buying an Xbox 360. Published December 22 2008

  • Journal debunks holiday health myths

    A medical journal say the things we've been taught about holiday eating and drinking are wrong. So happy holidays, everybody! Published December 22 2008

  • Man finds, returns cash twice in same store

    Hey, Diogenes! You'll find what you're looking for in Auburn, Maine. Published December 21 2008

  • 'Lost' recording of John Lennon to go on the auction block

    Wanna recording of a boozed-up John Lennon singing? It can be yours for just $40,000. Published December 21 2008

  • China blocks NYT Web site

    Chinese officials say they have the right to protect the people from New York Times reports. Their argument is based on Alexander Pope: "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing ..." Published December 21 2008

  • MTV plans 16 reality shows

    The reality is that fewer people are watching MTV and its shows. Published December 21 2008

  • Evander Holyfield narrowly loses title match

    Evander Holyfield, 46, stepped into the ring with a 7-foot, 300-pound, 35-year-old Russian who had won 50 fights. They should have given him the title just for that. Published December 21 2008

  • Wynn bets big on Las Vegas resort

    Developer Steve Wynn is betting that his new multibillion-dollar casino will make money. After all, what's the worst that could happen? Published December 20 2008

  • Michigan city bans being annoying in public

    Being annoying in public can get you a fine in a certain Michigan city. Watch out, it could be about you. Published December 20 2008

  • Americans not moving so much

    Americans' wanderlust is vanishing in a shrinking economy. Blame those danged moving expenses. Published December 20 2008

  • Congress gets a pay raise

    That would be a laugh line, if it weren't true. Published December 20 2008

  • Al Franken takes recount lead

    Democrat Al Franken is leading Republican incumbent Norm Coleman in Minnesota's recount of Senate ballots. This is a real nail biter, and I've got the nails to prove it. They aren't mine, by the way. Published December 20 2008

  • Blagojevich says he will 'fight' charges

    Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich says he will "fight" the corruption charges against him. And he will cover all line bets on his chances of success. Published December 20 2008