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Out of Context Archive: December 2008

  • RNC chief says GOP needs new ideas

    RNC head Mike Duncan is lamenting the state of the Republican Party, which is out of ideas. Where's that "Contract With America" when you really need it? Published December 20 2008

  • Bernard Madoff given 24-hour protection

    A security firm is guarding Bernard Madoff to make sure he doesn't run off and no one hurts him. That's nice. We wouldn't want to upset his house arrest. Published December 20 2008

  • Ford turns down bailout money

    One of the Big Three automakers just got a little bigger. Published December 19 2008

  • Santa's reindeer are girls, not boys

    Rewrite the songs! Santa's sleigh-pullers are female reindeer, not male. Published December 19 2008

  • Eliot Spitzer also lost money to Madoff

    Eliot Spitzer's family business is one of the Jewish businesses that have been defrauded in Bernard Madoff's Ponzi scheme. Let's hope this is the absolute bottom for Spitzer. Published December 19 2008

  • Bush loans carmakers $17.4 billion

    I hope we don't see any auto execs getting big bonuses or any car companies sponsoring expensive getaways for their crew. Because we've already seen that picture. Published December 19 2008

  • Xmas tree thieves on the rise

    There's not much Christmas cheer in stealing holiday trees. Published December 19 2008

  • Young Americans are watching less TV

    TV viewership increases with age, a new report shows. Then why do TV shows keep trying to appeal to that 18- to 35-year-old age demographic? Published December 19 2008

  • CNN weatherman disses global warming

    A CNN meteorologist doesn't buy into the doom-and-gloom scenarios of global warming. He has his own doom-and-gloom scenarios. Published December 19 2008

  • Report: Caroline Kennedy hasn't been big on voting

    Records show that Caroline Kennedy hasn't voted in about half of New York's elections since 1988. You see, Caroline, that's how most people get into elected office. By being elected. By voters. Published December 19 2008

  • Mom gives birth to 18th child

    Michelle Duggar gave birth to her 18th child — Jordyn-Grace Makiya — on Thursday. Mrs. Duggar is planning to relax a while before having her next child — we hope. Published December 19 2008

  • South Korean lawmakers duke it out

    A donnybrook in South Korea's parliament isn't rare — but still entertaining. Published December 18 2008

  • More New Yorkers prefer Cuomo to Kennedy

    Don't start up the coronation ceremony just yet. A fight's a-brewing for that Senate seat. Published December 18 2008

  • Pilot says he's unqualified to land plane

    Passengers flying from Cardiff, Wales, to Paris were surprised when their pilot told them he wasn't qualified to land the plane. Talk about a wake-up call. Published December 18 2008

  • Madoff under house arrest in $7 million apartment

    Bernard Madoff, who is accused of defrauding investors of $50 billion, is under house arrest in his $7 million apartment on Park Avenue. It's punishment because he no longer has maid to turn down his bed covers. Rough. Published December 18 2008

  • Eddie Murphy is to be the Riddler

    The role of the Riddler in the new Batman movie has gone to Eddie Murphy. Let's hope it's a "Dreamgirls" moment and not a "Norbit." Published December 18 2008

  • Thrift is in — big time

    Our culture is quickly turning from conspicuous consumption to fervent frugality. Just hope it lasts longer than the recession. Published December 18 2008

  • Report: NASA to sell shuttles in 2010

    NASA is planning to sell the space shuttles when the program ends in 2010. Better reserve your bid now. Published December 18 2008

  • Las Vegas under 6 inches of snow

    Las Vegas is covered in a record snowfall. There goes the desert! Published December 18 2008

  • Lawyer: Blagojevich will not appoint a senator

    Looks like Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich won't appoint Barack Obama's successor to the Senate. That's a lot of potential income he's giving up there. Published December 17 2008