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Out of Context Archive: November 2008

  • Polar bear twins born in German zoo

    Twin polar bear cubs are the stars of zoo in Nuremberg. So cute. So cuddly. And a year from they'll want to rip your head off. Published November 28 2008

  • Cleveland loves 'A Christmas Story'

    Movie fans are celebrating "A Christmas Story" in Cleveland. Guess there's not much else to do in Cleveland. Published November 28 2008

  • Millionaires' club hits the skis, er, skids

    A ski club for millionaires has slipped into bankruptcy because of the economic downturn. Perhaps "slipped" is too mild a verb. More like "fallen" — on a double Black Diamond slope. Published November 28 2008

  • Vatican: Cell phones can hurt soul

    The Vatican warns that cell phones can disturb the silence the soul needs. What if we just put them all on vibrate? Published November 28 2008

  • Stevens might seek pardon

    Sen. Ted Stevens, Alaska Republican and convicted felon, says he might seek a pardon from President Bush. Really? Only "might?" Published November 27 2008

  • Drudge's 'siren' harried Wolfson's sleep

    Clinton campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson tells Time that he had nightmares about the Drudge Report's "siren." Wasn't there a siren in "Saw IV?" Published November 27 2008

  • Axl Rose hits Dr. Pepper on pop deal

    Rock screamer Axl Rose is accusing Dr. Pepper of backing out of a deal to distribute free soda to buyers of "Chinese Democracy." Axl, distributing stuff free isn't "democracy." It's communism. Published November 27 2008

  • Kicker seeks pardon for brother

    Lawrence Tynes, a place kicker for the New York Giants, wants a presidential pardon for his pot-selling brother. Maybe in exchange for a missed field goal in the next game with Dallas? Published November 27 2008

  • Grooms can be wedding monsters, too

    "Groomzillas," men who participate in their wedding plans, are the newest thing on wedding scene. They won't be on the scene long. Published November 26 2008

  • Russia builds 'Berlin Wall' in Georgia

    Georgian officials say Russia is constructing a "Berlin Wall" to restrict movements in that country. They hope the Russians run into problems with their contractor. Published November 26 2008

  • Greenland seeks autonomy

    Greenlanders have voted to become an autonomous state, independent of Denmark. Some Danes responded by asking where is Greenland. Published November 26 2008

  • Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown together again

    Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown are moving toward a reunion. Stranger things have happened — just not recently. Published November 26 2008

  • Obama says no 'girly dog'

    Barack Obama says the White House dog won't be of the "girly" variety. He should ask Arnold Schwarzenegger for his opinion. Published November 26 2008

  • Polar bears won't mate because they can't

    Workers at a Japanese zoo have uncovered the reason why they haven't been able to get two polar bears to mate. Both bears are female. Uh, remedial biology sounds like it might be in order. Published November 26 2008

  • Pianist's skull is the star of 'Hamlet'

    Shakespearean actors are playing with dead things in their production of "Hamlet." But they are professionals and aren't losing their heads over it. Published November 26 2008

  • 'Bailout' is word of the year

    Americans might not know the details, but we sure use the word "bailout" a lot these days. Published November 26 2008

  • Bad bosses can kill you

    A new study shows that bad bosses can be hazardous to the health of their employees. Published November 26 2008

  • Obama's CIA pick drops out

    Barack Obama's first choice for CIA director has removed himself from consideration. It turns out that Jack Ryan is actually a fictional character. Published November 26 2008

  • Astronauts collect urine samples

    Astronauts working at the International Space Station are "pooling their waters" to test a urine-to-water machine. It's good work, if you can get it. Published November 26 2008

  • Obama taking charge before his time

    The economic downturn has forced President-elect Barack Obama to begin governing before his inauguration to calm financial markets. "Just don't let the Constitution know what you're up to. He'd be upset." Published November 26 2008