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Out of Context Archive: November 2008

  • Parents bicker over Thanksgiving costumes

    Parents of students at a school in Claremont, Calif., are at odds over whether Thanksgiving costumes reflect the true nature of the holiday. Huh? Published November 25 2008

  • Obama to keep Gates at Pentagon

    Barack Obama will keep Robert Gates as his defense secretary. This really is going to be a team of rivals. Published November 25 2008

  • Meet the Wentzes' kid — Bronx Mowgli

    Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson have continued a newfound celebrity tradition by giving their new son the strangest name they could conceive — Bronx Mowgli Wentz. I mean, who in their right mind would want to be named "Wentz?" Published November 25 2008

  • FDIC counts 171 'problem' banks

    The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. says the number of "problem" banks has doubled to 171. Does that mean 171 bailouts are in the offing? Published November 25 2008

  • Fed offers another $800 billion for crisis

    The Fed has said it will offer another $800 billion to assist in stopping the economic crisis. I forget — where is all this money from again? Published November 25 2008

  • Icelanders protest government's debt

    Thousands of Icelanders are protesting against their government, which has incurred billions of dollars of debt. It's too bad they don't live in the U.S. We know how to live with debt. Published November 25 2008

  • Vick gets suspended sentence for dogfighting

    Michael Vick, the ex-NFL quarterback, entered a plea deal on state dogfighting charges and got a suspended sentence. That howling you hear is NOT from his fans. Published November 25 2008

  • Russian analyst says U.S. will collapse

    A Russian analyst says America's economic turmoil will fracture the nation into separate autonomous regions. And if anyone would know about the breakup of a country, it would be a Russian. Published November 25 2008

  • Lawyers stop Whoville in Louisville

    Lousiville, Ky., has to scrap it plans for creating a Whoville this Christmas. Is it surprising that lawyers are behind this? Published November 25 2008

  • Clinton campaign still going

    Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign is still in fundraising mode to pay off its debts. It should probably invest in real estate to get a good return — something on a waterfront. Whitewater, anyone? Published November 25 2008

  • More bailouts to come, administration says

    Bush administration officials say the Treasury will probably bail out several more companies before the end of the president's term. It almost sounds like a song: "We've Only Just Begun to Bail." Published November 25 2008

  • Carmakers consider caravan of cars

    Detroit automakers say times are tough and a caravan of cars to Washington just might bring the point home to Washington. Then again, it might only increase D.C. traffic — a little. Published November 25 2008

  • A-Rod to spend Thanksgiving with Madonna

    Alex Rodriguez won't be spending turkey day with his kids, but he will be with Madonna and her kids. They all have so much to be thankful for. Published November 25 2008

  • Top earners taxed at 60 percent in UK

    The highest income tax bracket in the United Kingdom is at 60 percent. Now there's an incentive to work harder. Published November 25 2008

  • Madonna's work eases her pain

    Madonna says her upcoming divorce from director Guy Ritchie has saddened her but her work helps ease her sorrow. It's nice to have work like that. Published November 24 2008

  • Single urban dwellers happier than couples

    Unmarried, unattached people living by themselves in a big city are often happier than married couples in suburbia. Sounds great, doesn't it? Published November 24 2008

  • Noise makers sentenced to Manilow listening

    A municipal judge in Fort Upton, Colo., has sentenced a group of noise violators to listen to Barry Manilow recordings. "Copa Cabana" anybody? Published November 24 2008

  • Home builders seek bailout

    Home builders are seeking a federal bailout. Why not? Everybody else is doing it. Published November 24 2008

  • Spitzer mulls a book, Silda to work for hedge fund

    Eliot Spitzer is thinking about writing a book offering economic advice to Barack Obama, while his wife, Silda, goes to work for a hedge fund. Life goes on, they say. Published November 24 2008

  • Fed to commit $7.4 trillion in loans

    The federal government is prepared to lend $7.4 trillion to save the credit markets. That's a lot of credit. Published November 24 2008