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Out of Context Archive: November 2008

  • China's richest man vanishes during investigation

    The richest man in China — an electronics merchant named Huang Guangyu — has gone missing during an investigation of corruption charges. Looks like capitalism is settling in nicely in China. Published November 24 2008

  • TV networks need a bailout

    Ad revenue for television networks is way down, so don't be surprised when TV execs start asking for bailout money. It could be "Deal or No Deal" in real life. Published November 24 2008

  • Government bails out Citibank again

    The U.S. Treasury has given Citigroup its second multibillion-dollar infusion in two months. It's beginning to look a like Christmas. Published November 24 2008

  • U.S. officials flunk civics test

    Elected officials in America scored very low in a test measuring knowledge of U.S. history, civics and economics. Well, nobody ever said you had to know anything to get elected. Published November 23 2008

  • NYC Santas out of work

    Santas in New York City are finding it hard to bring a little Christmas cheer to stores and parties. How will they get anyone to sit on their laps now? Published November 23 2008

  • Rats help humans find land mines, TB

    Rats are being used in many areas around the globe to discover land mines and the tuberculosis bacteria. Where's the Pied Piper when you need him? Published November 23 2008

  • Green Obama's limo guzzles gas

    President-elect Barack Obama will be chauffeured in an armor-plated limousine that gets very few miles to the gallon. But it will save dozens of jobs in Detroit. Published November 23 2008

  • Investors turn to psychics

    Investors worried about their savings are seeking the advice of psychics and fortune tellers. Why didn't they go to the psychics in the first place? And why didn't the psychics see them coming? Published November 23 2008

  • Astronauts complete spacewalks

    Spacewalking astronauts have finished major repairs outside the International Space Station, but their new machine that turns urine into drinking water is on the fritz. Published November 23 2008

  • Islamic militants to fight Somali pirates

    Islamic militants from Saudi Arabia have promised to liberate a Saudi oil tanker seized last week by pirates off the coast of Somalia. Aren't international relations interesting? Published November 23 2008

  • Malaysian clerics ban yoga for Muslims

    Muslim clerics in Malaysia have issued a non-binding order banning the practice of yoga among Muslims. Stretching the mind and the body through yoga in not the Muslim way, they say. Published November 23 2008

  • Obama wants to make 2.5 million jobs

    Barack Obama's economic team is working on a plan to create or save 2.5 million jobs over the next two years. Wonder if they'll be "government" jobs. Published November 23 2008

  • China bans 'Chinese Democracy'

    Chinese officials have banned 'Chinese Democracy' — not the movement but the new Guns N' Roses album. Oh, and the movement too. Published November 22 2008

  • Jimmy Connors arrested at UC Santa Barbara campus

    Tennis great Jimmy Connors is arrested at UC Santa Barbara's arena after a basketball game. A fracas may have occurred after someone asked, "What's his racket?" Published November 22 2008

  • Hollywood power couples listed

    In the Forbes list of Hollywood power couples, it's all about the benjamins — mo' money, mo' power. Published November 22 2008

  • Interior hits partying employees

    Interior Department workers have been sanctioned for partying with oil industry representatives — a direct conflict-of-interest. Government and business shouldn't be that close. Published November 22 2008

  • Woodward: Someone's 'smoking something' around Obama

    Bob Woodward says Barack Obama's intention to make Hillary Clinton his secretary of state must be somebody's pipe dream — and we're not talking plumbing pipe here. Published November 22 2008

  • Stevens' witness claims he lied

    A wtiness in the trial of Sen. Ted Stevens, Alaska Republican, says he lied under oath and the prosecution knew it. Curiouser and curiouser this trial becomes. Published November 22 2008

  • Ted Leonsis running out of room for Facebook friends

    The Washington Capitals' owner, Ted Leonsis, has room for only a few more Facebook friends. What is an accessible mogul to do? Published November 21 2008

  • Michael Jackson converts to Islam

    The King of Pop is now a follower of Allah. Published November 21 2008