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Out of Context Archive: July 2009

  • Device turns phone into microscope

    A new gadget converts a cell phone into a microscope. Can you see me now? Published July 23 2009

  • Anglican Church offers wedding-baptism

    The Anglican Church is combining its wedding and baptism services into a single liturgy. It's a holy two-fer. Published July 23 2009

  • BBC: Artificial brain is 10 years away

    Scientists say they will be able to construct an artificial brain in 10 years. And to think that the scarecrow settled for a mere diploma in Oz. Chump! Published July 23 2009

  • GOP settles with Jackson Browne

    The Republican National Committee has settled with Jackson Browne over using his song "Running on Empty" without his permission. Will somebody please take that iPod away from the RNC? Published July 22 2009

  • Report: Susan Boyle trumps Obama presser

    President Obama's on at 8 p.m. because Susan Boyle is on at 9 p.m. It's a ratings thing, not a priorities thing. Published July 22 2009

  • Sutherland cleared in head-butt case

    Charges against Keifer Sutherland in a head-butting case have been dropped. Apparently he was just demonstrating one of Jack Bauer's interrogation techniques. Published July 22 2009

  • Hoedown at the White House

    The Obamas celebrated country music at the White House. The president said it was like being at the Grand Old Opera. Published July 22 2009

  • Mystery object slams into Jupiter

    Something big hit Jupiter -- and Jupiter ain't the kind of planet to that lying down. Published July 21 2009

  • Moonwalk denier accused of hoax

    A moon-landing skeptic is accused of using doctored footage to make his case. It's called turning the tables. Published July 21 2009

  • Engaged couple share same name

    Kelly Hildebrandt is going to marry Kelly Hildebrandt in October. Now that's a wedding invitation worth saving. Published July 21 2009

  • House votes to block car dealership closures

    The House has voted to keep Chrysler and GM dealerships from closing. And the House opted for the undercoating and free tire gauge. Published July 17 2009

  • Poll: Romney is GOP front-runner for 2012

    The GOP finally has a front-runner for 2012 and it's Mitt Romney, according to Gallup. The waiting was unbearable. Published July 17 2009

  • How to cook a lobster -- painlessly

    Boiling a live lobster sounds totally inhumane. Until you add the drawn butter. Then it sounds like dinner. Published July 17 2009

  • NASA: Um, about those moon tapes ...

    NASA has erased its moon-landing tapes and needs Hollywood's help to replace them. Again. Published July 17 2009

  • Gates nixes ban on war-zone smoking

    Defense Secretary Robert Gates will allow U.S. troops to keep smoking in war zones. The troops coughed a sigh of relief. Published July 16 2009

  • Sanford away again -- but with his wife this time

    South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford is away from the office with his wife. Let's hope they're going to someplace exotic, maybe south of the border. Then again ... Published July 16 2009

  • Obama's arm is no rocket

    Barack Obama is the first president to throw out a ceremonial first pitch at the All-Star Game since Gerald Ford in 1978. Ford knocked out 6 All-Stars with that pitch. Published July 15 2009

  • Taller workers earn more

    Research shows that height can influence income. So if you want that raise, get some lifts for your shoes. Published July 14 2009

  • What not to say to a woman

    Just a few tips for guys out on that first date. Don't say "That was fabulous," or else you'll become her shopping buddy. Published July 14 2009

  • Obama's car czar steps down

    The Obama administration's car czar is leaving his post to spend more time with his family. So is this a resignation -- or an abdication? Published July 14 2009