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Out of Context Archive: June 2009

  • New Orleans Mayor ... Brad Pitt?

    New Orleans residents say they'd like Brad Pitt to run for mayor. Preferably, in slow motion. Published June 12 2009

  • AP: Obama fires IG who probed crony

    President Obama fires an official who investigated one of his supporters. Um ... OK? Published June 12 2009

  • Inmate holds bar mitzvah in NYC jail

    New York City officials want to know how a rich inmate hosted a bar mitzvah in the prison's gym. Apparently, he hosted it very well, thank you. Published June 12 2009

  • Drudge: NYT planning 'Bruno' expose

    The mockumentary "Bruno" is set to premiere next month, and apparently the world will not be the same afterwards. Published June 12 2009

  • Study: Men prefer average-sized women

    Men in an Australian study preferred the shapes of average women more than supermodels. Are supermodels losing their powers? Published June 12 2009

  • WHO set to declare flu pandemic

    The World Health Organization is ready to declare the first flu pandemic in more than 40 years. So what took so long? Published June 11 2009

  • Feds buy more cars from Ford than GM, Chrysler

    The federal government, which is heavily invested in General Motors and Chrysler, has just bought most of its fleet from Ford. It's economy, as taught by Benjamin Button. Published June 11 2009

  • A hangover cure for wine?

    A Canadian scientist has special yeast that prevents wine from causing headaches. I suspect it smells so bad that nobody can drink it. Published June 11 2009

  • The bald truth about Phil Spector

    California has released mug shots of disgraced record producer Phil Spector, and now we know what was up with all those wigs. Published June 11 2009

  • Coleman must pay Franken $95,000

    A court has decided that Norm Coleman owes Al Franken $95,000 in their Senate election case. They should put this ruling to a vote. Published June 11 2009

  • Periodic table gets new element

    Element 112 is set to join the periodic table. It's kinda like Hawkman joining the Justice League of America. Published June 11 2009

  • Unabomber fights auction plans

    "Unabomber" Ted Kacynski is fighting federal plans to auction his belongings. He's threatening to write a letter to his congressman. Published June 10 2009

  • Blago to appear in satire about him

    Rod Blagojevich is going to appear in the Second City satire "Rod Blagojevich Superstar." Why? Because he's Rod Blagojevich, and this is what he does. Published June 10 2009

  • 'Jon & Kate' losing viewers

    Who wants to watch a show about a family with eight kids? Besides the OctoMom, that is. Published June 10 2009

  • Surfer busted in smuggling attempt

    He was trying to hang 10 with a duffel bag full of pot. Now he might hang two to five, with time off for good behavior. Published June 9 2009

  • Senate set to approve tobacco law

    A new proposed law aims to make smokers an endangered species. Published June 9 2009

  • Celebs flag, flourish on reality TV show

    "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here" is making its mark, in much the same way a dog marks its territory. Now that's good television! Published June 8 2009

  • Palin's lawyer slams charges of plagiarism

    A blogger accuses Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin of plagiarizing Newt Gingrich, but her lawyer says, "Nuh uh." Published June 8 2009

  • Grassley blasts Obama with tweets

    Sen. Chuck Grassley slams the president on health care. On Twitter. Go figure. Published June 8 2009

  • NYC cops issue tickets to van with corpse inside

    Police overlooked the fact that a minivan they had ticketed frequently over several weeks had a corpse inside. But they did note it was parked illegally, so let's call it even. Published June 5 2009