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Out of Context Archive: June 2009

  • Report: Dems hit GOP for revealing interrogation data

    Democrats are mad at Republicans who revealed a secret hearing's findings that harsh interrogations prevented terrorist attacks. You don't say. Published June 5 2009

  • Lake Champlain 'monster' on YouTube?

    A cell phone video of something crossing a lake has renewed interest in the legend of "Champ." And we're not talking Michael Phelps here. Published June 5 2009

  • Bank robbery suspects run out of gas

    Two guys rob a bank and make their getaway but forget to put gas in the tank. It's the little things that trip you up. Published June 5 2009

  • Report: White House to name 'pay czar'

    The Obama administration is to name a "pay czar." When it gets around to naming a "bacon czar," I hope they remember me. Published June 5 2009

  • House to show expenses online

    This is one of those things that lawmakers can't be against, like education. So it'll be interesting to see how they oppose it. Published June 4 2009

  • A cattle call for zombies?

    Attention all zombies! We are ready for your close-ups! We'll start with Keith Richards. Published June 4 2009

  • Obama: 'Lakers, in six'

    President Obama predicts the Los Angeles Lakers will win the NBA championship in six games. Now how about an economic prediction? Published June 3 2009

  • Bank offers workers 5 years vacation

    Spain's second-largest bank is offering workers five years' paid vacation. The catch is you have to return to work in 2014. Published June 3 2009

  • Al Qaeda official slams Obama

    An al Qaeda official has denounced President Obama. Which means that Obama is on the right track. Published June 3 2009

  • Chavez says CIA planned to kill him

    Hugo Chavez says the CIA is out to get him. Should we hope he's wrong or right? Published June 3 2009

  • CNN: No GOP front-runner for 2012

    A CNN poll has found there's front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012. Do you ever get the feeling that sometimes news organizations conduct surveys just because they can? Published June 3 2009

  • Citigroup reneges on pay to execs

    Citigroup will not give its former execs the severance pay it promised them. Instead it will give them discount coupons to Applebee's. Published June 2 2009

  • 'Snake-bite' chicken off Chinese menus

    China is stopping restaurants from serving chickens killed by snakes. Somebody said there oughta be a law. Published June 2 2009

  • Report: Cheney admits Saddam not involved in 9/11

    Former Vice President Dick Cheney said intelligence linking Saddam Hussein to the 9/11 attacks was wrong. And he said it just in time too. Published June 2 2009

  • U.K. finance minister embroiled in expenses scandal

    It seems that British Chancellor Alistair Darling doesn't have a good head for money, which is sad since he's in charge of Britain's finances. Published June 1 2009

  • Ford plans production increase as rivals flounder

    Ford is planning to take advantage of its rivals cutbacks by increasing production. I just hope they don't try to bring back the Edsel. Or the Pinto. Published June 1 2009

  • Report: Hurricanes will wreck foreclosed homes

    Big storms pose problems for foreclosed properties -- mainly, who's going to pick up the pieces when the storm's over? Published June 1 2009

  • ESP test for Twitterers

    "Remote viewing" could provide new ways for Twitterers to follow each other. Oh, the joy of social networking -- with psychics. Published June 1 2009