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Out of Context Archive: October 2009

  • Foods that might kill libido

    Eating certain foods can dampen sexual desire. So go ahead and blame your okra-rich diet. Published October 15 2009

  • Arnold to Maria: Put down the cell phone

    California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has to give his wife a talking-to about driving with a cell phone in hand. He outlawed it in his "Anti-Girly Men" act. Published October 14 2009

  • Marge Simpson bares all for Playboy

    Marge Simpson appears naked on the cover of Playboy magazine. Yeah, that Marge Simpson. The cartoon. You got a problem with that? Published October 9 2009

  • Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

    President Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize. Even he said "for what?" Published October 9 2009

  • NASA bombs the moon

    NASA has crashed two spacecraft into the moon. Authorities are questioning Lindsay Lohan and Amy Winehouse on DUI suspicions. Published October 9 2009

  • Blueberries aid brain power

      A blueberry smoothie in the morning can help you think better in the afternoon. I could use a blueberry smoothie now ... or a beer.   Published October 5 2009

  • French aghast over McDonald's at the Louvre

    McDonald's plans to open a restaurant at the Louvre. You know what they call a Quarter Pounder in France? A Royale with cheese. Published October 4 2009

  • Obamas celebrate anniversary

    President Obama took his wife out to dinner to celebrate their 17th anniversary. Isn't it romantic? And secure? Published October 4 2009

  • Scientists find mini-Stonehenge

    Archeologists have found the site of a smaller version of Stonehenge about a mile from the original. Think of it as "Stonehenge Lite." Published October 4 2009