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Outlet Archive: October 2007

  • Kobe rumors

    According to a solid source the Chicago Triune referred to as a general manager being "on the pe... Published October 29 2007

  • Skipping school

    DeShawn Stevenson and Andray Blatche are the only two American players on the Wizards roster who... Published October 18 2007

  • Missing a physical presence

    One thing the loss of Etan Thomas is going to do to the Wizards is make them even less physical t... Published October 13 2007

  • Perspective? Not exactly.

    Maybe one of the dumbest question any reporter can ask a professional athlete is whether or not a... Published October 12 2007

  • Surgery next step for Thomas

    The Wizards just released this news: Etan Thomas will have surgery to repair his heart. Thomas ha... Published October 10 2007

  • Hollinger's ranking make no sense

    There are some people in this business who must get a rise out one-upping themselves when it come... Published October 6 2007

  • Camp closes with Saturday's scrimmage

    Camp here ends tomorrow and, for the most part, things have been pretty uneventful.\ \ \ Eddie sa... Published October 5 2007

  • Thomas Update

    There is nothing new to report on the Etan Thomas front, but trust me, this is a serious matter.\... Published October 3 2007

  • Welcome

    So here it is, the Times is finally blogging on your favorite local hoops team! I'll be touching... Published October 2 2007

  • Etan Thomas not cleared to practice

    This just in from Richmond: Etan Thomas was held out of the first day of training camp after his... Published October 2 2007