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Politics 101 Archive: August 2008

  • [email protected]

    Barack Obama sought to appeal to the cell phone generation inside Invesco by having the crowd text messages of support. Published August 29 2008

  • Mega-wattage inside Invesco

    Here's video showing the enthusiasm and thousands of camera clicks flashing as Barack Obama prepares to speak inside Invesco Field. Published August 29 2008

  • Gore gives a shoutout to young voters

    During his warm-up act for Barack Obama, former vice president Al Gore said young voters' unprecedented interest in politics indicates a desire for change. Published August 29 2008

  • Young anti-abortion voters outside Pepsi Stadium

    Check out footage of young anti-abortion protesters just outside the compound of the Pepsi Center Published August 28 2008

  • Obama's Facebook guru

    Yesterday Politics 101 met the mastermind behind Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's social networking strategy. He's also one of the co-founders of Facebook. Published August 28 2008

  • Carter takes shot at Bill Clinton

    Check out my story on an interview with former President Jimmy Carter. Published August 28 2008

  • Dean swipes at mainstream media

    Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean took a shot at the mainstream media and praised youthful bloggers. Published August 26 2008

  • Mile high city

    Politics 101 is in Denver, and already made some new friends. Published August 26 2008

  • A pre-convention breather

    Politics 101 is taking a break from this blog to write for Blog of the Rings, TWT's Olympic blog. I've been posting dispatches from Beijing and Shanghai and heading to Hong Kong today. Published August 19 2008

  • The softer side of Bob Novak

    Robert Novak will no longer pen his long-running political column. My thoughts on working briefly with this journalistic giant. Published August 8 2008

  • Teens realize impact of Nov. 4

    Just heard about an interesting report on teens' views of the upcoming presidential election and policy issues like education, global warming and immigration. Published August 6 2008

  • McCain as Pinocchio?

    The Democratic National Committee poked fun at presumptive Republican nominee John McCain today in a new web ad called "Puppet Masters." It depicts McCain as a puppet of the oil industry and in an accompanying release, cites a report by Campaign Money Watch showing that 33 of McCain's fundraisers or advisers have worked as lobbyists for the oil and gas industry. Published August 5 2008

  • GOP goes on celebrity offensive

    The National Republican Committee launched a Web site to ridicule Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama by tying him to Hollywood megastars. Published August 1 2008