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Politics 101 Archive: November 2008

  • Study: Obama's revolutionary small donor base a canard

    A non-partisan study shows president-elect Obama received about the same amount of money from small donors as Bush did in 2004. Published November 29 2008

  • Schedule set for congressional freshman orientation

    Next week the newly-elected members of Congress will arrive on the campus of Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass., for a crash course on everything from national security to health care policy. Published November 25 2008

  • Hill GOP gives few opportunities to women

    With House and Senate leadership elections over for the coming session, it's clear there will be no shortage of Y chromosomes among the ranks of Republican leaders. Published November 19 2008

  • Media serving as a PR organ for Obama?

    Is the media serving as a PR organ for the soon-to-be Obama administration? Published November 17 2008

  • Palin thought Africa was a country

    Carl Cameron divulges some of the more embarrassing details about Gov. Sarah Palin's international knowledge. Published November 5 2008

  • Dem congressman compares GOP to slaughtered Christians

    Rep. Ed Markey, Massachusetts Democrat, took a controversial swipe at the GOP, saying Republicans "the Christians had a better chance against the lions," than the Republicans had against Democrats during today's elections. Published November 4 2008

  • Kerry calls Bush 'massive failure' in post-election speech

    A jubilant Sen. John Kerry, Massachusetts Democrat, slammed President Bush and praised Sen. Barack Obama, the projected winner of today's presidential elections. Published November 4 2008

  • Jewish group highlights anti-Wright comment by Dem

    The Republican Jewish Coalition seized on comments from Rep. Jerrold Nadler, New York Democrat, who criticized Sen. Barack Obama for failing to sever ties with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, despite his anti-Israel rhetoric. Nadler said Obama remained a member of Trinity United Church for political gain. Published November 3 2008