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Politics 101 Archive: September 2008

  • Facebook hires former Alberto Gonzales aide

    Paper: Facebook hires former Alberto Gonzales aide as general counsel. Published September 29 2008

  • Romney strategist: Obama will win by 2-3 points

    Alex Castellanos, a senior strategist for former GOP candidate Mitt Romney, handicaps the presidential race and gives Barack Obama the edge. Published September 24 2008

  • Student leader resigns over remark about Obama

    The student made a racially-charged remark disparaging the Democratic candidate on his Facebook page. Published September 8 2008

  • All-American rejects

    A satire video looks at how John McCain broke the news to vice presidential hopefuls that they had been passed over. Published September 4 2008

  • McCain slowly growing on young voters

    National Journal has an interesting piece looking at how John McCain has made some headway among young voters, although his opponent is still far ahead. Published September 4 2008

  • Palin's strategy: attack the messenger

    Gov. Sarah Palin tonight will bonk the national press corps, which has ravenously been scouring Alaska for dirt on John McCain's vice presidential pick. Published September 3 2008

  • Pajamas Media launches new TV site

    There's a new Web TV channel launched yesterday by the conservative new media group. Published September 2 2008

  • GOP Ed platform: English First

    The Republican Party tonight adopted its 2008 platform, and in the education section, English First and homeschooling get props. Published September 1 2008

  • Obama texts for hurricane victims

    Barack Obama's campaign just sent out a text message asking supporters to give at least $5 to the Red Cross. Published September 1 2008

  • MoDo a sexist?

    New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd's piece attacking John McCain's new vice presidential pick, Gov. Sara Palin, has ruffled some feathers in the blogosphere. Published September 1 2008