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Politics 101 Archive: April 2009

  • Petraeus lays out challenges in AfPak, details success of Iraq troop 'surge'

    During a Harvard address, Gen. David Petraeus explained the success of the troop "surge" in Iraq, saying in part the public relations strategy included acknowledging defeat. "We were not going to put listpiestick on pigs," he said. "If things were bad we were going to say things were bad." Published April 21 2009

  • Conyers to hold hearing on CIA memos

    House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers, Michigan Democrat, says he plans to hold a hearing on the recently-released CIA memos on interrogation methods. Published April 21 2009

  • Reconciling the Ivies and the military

    Ivy Leaguers and the military have begun a drive to put ROTC back on campus at Harvard, Yale and Columbia as they try to heal the lingering wounds caused by the antiwar protests of the 1960s that led to the corps' banishment there. Published April 20 2009

  • North-South Korea complex hurt by hostilities

    SEOUL | Managers of the Kaesong industrial park, a joint venture just north of the heavily armed border separating North and South Korea, are struggling with its mission to promote peace through economic development. Published April 10 2009

  • Palin flashback: Michelle Obama says she's from 'real' Chicago

    First Lady Michelle Obama says she's from the "the real part of Chicago," echoing controversial comments from Gov. Sarah Palin describing small town America as "the real America." Published April 2 2009

  • Hopes for a reunified Korea still alive

    SEOUL--The growing unease over North Korea's hostility toward the outside world and its defiance of the United Nations with plans to launch a rocket next week has not deterred South Korea's willingness to negotiate with its communist foe. Published April 1 2009