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Politics 101 Archive: June 2009

  • Arab issues from an Israeli perspective

    Today was my first day at the Jerusalem Post. I've been assigned to cover Arab issues. Published June 28 2009

  • Egypt-Qatari relations

    Video from Qatar and Egypt Published June 28 2009

  • A visit with Ayman Nour

    The failed presidential candidate who spent three years imprisoned by his poiltical rival was released in February and has large aspiration for Egypt. Published June 24 2009

  • Qatar, the tiny powerhouse

    As an oil-rich nation in the Persian Gulf, Qatar continues leveraging its vast natural resources and media empire to gain regional clout that far outweighs its tiny size. Published June 24 2009

  • Inside the Muslim Brotherhood

    The Muslim Brotherhood has faltered lately Published June 22 2009

  • Unpacking Obama's speech in Cairo

    CAIRO – President Obama’s speech to the Arab world here earlier this month is still evoking praises and unfavorable mentions of former president George W. Bush from locals, including a former Egyptian Foreign Minister. Published June 20 2009

  • A Pearl of great price

    Doha is learning from the mistakes of Dubai as it tries to create its own island paradise. Published June 19 2009

  • Egyptian ambassador slams 'extremely bad speech by Netanyahu'

    A former ambassador says 70 percent of Egyptians think the Palestinian issue is the most important domestic question facing their country. Published June 18 2009

  • Qatar's lifeblood

    Mesaieed Industrial City Published June 14 2009

  • Women in Islamic Qatar

    DOHA, Qatar -- Aisha Almannai, Dean of College of Sharia at Qatar University holds a controversial position as the first female head of sharia studies in the Gulf region. Published June 12 2009

  • Qatar wants massive K-12 changes, at expensive of Arab identity?

    A new Qatari mandate requiring all K-12 schools to be charter schools with instructors teaching in English is ruffling some feathers. Published June 10 2009

  • Al Jazeera head praises Obama, swipes at Rumsfeld, Cheney

    The editor-in-chief of the Al Jazeera Arabic channel said President Obama's speech was "helpful" and "constructive." Published June 8 2009

  • Qatar v. Australia

    Experiencing a Qatari soccer match as an uncovered Western woman is recommended. Published June 6 2009

  • Touchdown in Doha

    Our plane landed in Doha, Qatar this evening around 6:30. From the airport we could see McDonald's golden arches. Published June 5 2009

  • Middle East dispatches

    With the backdrop of Obama's historic address to the Muslim world, I'll be heading to Qatar and Egypt for three weeks and then to Jerusalem. Published June 4 2009

  • Shutter West Point? not any time soon

    Obama's recent speech before the Naval Academy shows U.S. military schools are unlikely to shut down any time soon. Published June 3 2009