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Politics Archive: September 2007

  • Scientist tells Senate: Fix global warming. Cheap

    David Schnare, an environmental scientist and attorney associated with the Thomas Jefferson Insti... Published September 26 2007

  • Rogers on immigration

    Mike Rogers, Alabama Republican, made his stance on the Bush's handling on border immigration con... Published September 25 2007

  • MoveOn puts the Democrats on the canvas

    This week couldn't end too soon for the CodeKos-MoveOn-Sheehanistas.\ \ \ Today the Senate voted... Published September 21 2007

  • Iraq losing steam on the stump?

    Associated Press correspondent Nedra Pickler, who has been following the Democratic candidates fo... Published September 19 2007

  • The 'right' to health care

    Hillary Clinton made a startling pronouncement when she announced her universal health care plan... Published September 18 2007

  • Blogs of War

    More from my friend Jeff Denning, who was recently called up in the Army Reserves and is now figh... Published September 17 2007

  • Under siege

    It began last week -- the unrelentless barrage from overhead, the pinging, banging, knocking on t... Published September 17 2007

  • Blacks and the Democrats in S.C.

    National political reporter Brian DeBose notes a new poll that shows Barack Obama ahead of Hillar... Published September 14 2007

  • A lesson from Gen. Petraeus, Ph.D.

    Listening on C-SPAN Radio as Gen. David Petraeus testified to Congress on Monday, it was obvious... Published September 11 2007

  • G.I. Joe no longer a "Real American Hero"?

    News item from FoxNews.com:\ \ The popular all-American comic-book military man and action figure... Published September 7 2007

  • TSA: Don't try this at home

    The BBC is reporting that Nepal Airlines sacrificed two goats to appease a Hindu god and correct... Published September 7 2007

  • Double standard for Romney?

    Religion reporter Julia Duin reports in today's editions of The Washington Times:\ Observers of p... Published September 5 2007