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POTUS Notes Archive: July 2009

  • Probing whether Obama was the teacher in his "teachable moment"

    Robert Gibbs says "all of us are participants in a moment that we hope can teach all in this country that dialogue and communication will always improve the situation." Published July 31 2009

  • Gibbs gives details on Beer Summit, contradicts himself on whose idea it was

    Gibbs said Tuesday that it was Obama's idea to have beers at the White House with Professor Gates and Sgt. Crowley, a direct contradiction of his statement Friday that the police officer proposed the meeting. Published July 28 2009

  • My question for the White House today

    White House press secretary Robert Gibbs did not look all that excited to be talking about Vice President Joe Biden's recent comments about Russia, which is the topic of my story today. Published July 27 2009

  • Obama has gone from baller-in-chief to golf fanatic

    The much-ballyhooed Baller-in-Chief has in fact gone golfing three times as many as he's gone off campus to play hoops. That may change in the winter though. Published July 27 2009

  • Obama on the economy: 'Give it to me'

    If there was any doubt about when he would own the economy, President Obama appeared intent on clearing that up today in Michigan. Published July 14 2009

  • D.C. doesn't get how bad it is out there, says Congresswoman

    Rep. Candice Miller, Michigan Republican, says Washington is a "parallel universe" and says Obama's trip to her state today needs to focus on jobs, not higher education. Published July 14 2009

  • Summers nudges surplus countries

    President Obama's top economic adviser revisits one of the biggest, and most complicated, macroeconomic challenges facing the global economy. Published July 13 2009

  • Gov't calls for edgy flu videos, but no music!

    The Obama administration wants MTV-style videos to raise awareness about swine flu, but like MTV itself, they don't want any music videos. Published July 10 2009

  • Obama boxes with Putin's shadow

    President Obama spent his second day in Russia on Tuesday trying to prop up Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, all the while under the long shadow of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Published July 7 2009

  • Palin's 'demons'

    A GOP political operative who worked closely with Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin during the 2008 presidential campaign says the Vanity Fair piece on her is the truth. Published July 1 2009