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POTUS Notes Archive: June 2009

  • Obama: Republicans are 'behind the times'

    The president mocks Republicans who opposed the House energy bill Friday and continues to cast them as the party of no. Published June 29 2009

  • Orszag, Orszag, Orszag

    Here's my most recent example of why President Obama's White House website is a black hole for information. Published June 24 2009

  • Obama Web site has yet to cohere

    The new WhiteHouse.gov is flashy and tech-savvy, but try finding stuff. Published June 23 2009

  • For some Obama critics, it's a matter of intensity

    Some critics of the president's response to protests in Iran say they don't have a disagreement on the substance of what he's saying, but that they want him to say it more forcefully. Published June 17 2009

  • WH: Obama has increased funding for democracy promotion

    President Obama may be speaking about the upheaval in Iran in pragmatic, realpolitik terms, but his advisers say he has increased funding for democracy promotion. Published June 17 2009

  • Obama does first Rose Garden press conference

    President Obama is doing his first Rose Garden press conference today with South Korean President Lee Myung Bak. Published June 16 2009

  • Jarrett: Summers explains to others like they're third-graders

    One of the president's top advisers says she's a "huge fan" of Larry Summers, the president's notoriously forceful economic adviser, but is she really complimenting him? Published June 13 2009

  • Fence-jumper immediately apprehended at White House

    A person jumping the fence at the White House causes the compound to go into lockdown, and prompts a false alarm from a security officer about a bomb on the premises. Published June 9 2009

  • Vanity Fair takes shot at Obama press shop

    Vanity Fair writer Michael Wolff didn't get the interview he was promised with White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. So he took out his frustration on Gibbs and his deputy Bill Burton. Published June 9 2009

  • Measuring jobs 'created or saved'

    The White House took a lot of heat Monday for claiming to know how many jobs they've "created or saved" so far with the $787 billion stimulus, and how many jobs they'll "create or save" over the summer. Here's how they calculate that. Published June 8 2009

  • Romer: healthcare reform IS good for the economy!

    One of President Obama's top economic advisers said this week that she set out to write a report on whether the White House plan to reform healthcare plan would, in fact, be good for the economy. According to her, it would be! Published June 3 2009

  • Obama: U.S. one of largest Muslim countries?

    President Obama said in an interview with a French TV reporter that "if you actually took the number of Muslims Americans, we'd be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world." But that doesn't seem to pass muster. Published June 2 2009

  • Obama: "Lakers in six"

    President Obama picked the Los Angeles Lakers to defeat the Orlando Magic for the NBA Championship, moments before leaving for Saudi Arabia. Published June 2 2009

  • Obama talks about isolation of job

    President Obama talks with NBC's Brian Williams inside the presidential limo about how his job interrupts the "rhythms" of life. Published June 2 2009

  • Obama stance toward Israel drawing fire

    dd Published June 2 2009