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POTUS Notes Archive: November 2009

  • Anita Dunn: MSNBC 'different' from Fox News

    The woman who launched the first broadside against Fox News says MSNBC is not discredited, in her opinion, by its share of opinion programming. Published November 13 2009

  • New Dem talking point on Obama approval doesn't wash

    Tim Kaine and David Plouffe said Wednesday that President Obama's approval rating is higher than the vote percentage he got in most states during the 2008 election. But the numbers don't necessarily bear that out. Published November 4 2009

  • NY23 a "battle for the Republican Party's soul"

    "Tea party" activist who drew national attention over the summer says the Republican Party needs to heed the wishes of the grassroots. Democrats say all this is good for them. Published November 3 2009