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Redskins Fan Forum Archive: June 2008

  • Whatever happened to ... Pat Fischer

    He was there when the safety blitz was born and perfected the bump and run as a result. And he helped make the "Over the Hill Gang" winners. Published June 30 2008

  • Pure hogwash: Kudos to Kelly

    Redskins rookie wide receiver Malcolm Kelly shows that there is more to life than football. Published June 25 2008

  • Whatever happened to ... Ron McDole

    Ron McDole was a major part of the Over the Hill defense of George Allen, but his pro career almost ended before it began. Published June 25 2008

  • Q&A with Larry Brown

    Have questions for Larry Brown? Ask, he'll answer! Published June 23 2008

  • The best -- as I see it! Part III -- Quarterbacks

    Who are the best Redskins quarterbacks ever? Read my take! Published June 23 2008

  • Snap Quiz II

    Who holds the Redskins franchise record for most completions? Published June 19 2008

  • Pure hog wash: Colt Brennan - stud or dud?

    Is Colt Brennan the next Brett Favre or Ryan Leaf? Scott Hurrey of thehogs.net begins the analysis. Published June 18 2008

  • The best -- as I see it! Part II: wide receivers

    The Redskins have a tradition of having great wide receivers. Who are the best -- as I see it! Published June 18 2008

  • So, how're they doing?

    After a week of OTA, we're getting a better idea about the 2008 version, Jim Zorn's version, of the Washington Redskins. Published June 16 2008

  • The best -- as I see it! Part I: The offensive line

    Who were the best offensive linemen to ever play for the Washington Redskins? I make my picks here. If you agree, support me with your comments. If you disagree, then let me have it! ..... in your comments. Published June 13 2008

  • Pure hog wash: an introduction

    Scott Hurrey, content manager and senior writer at theHogs.net will be a regular contributor to this blog. His background is proof positive that he knows the Redskins. Published June 11 2008

  • Whatever happened to... Joe Theismann Pt. II

    Whatever Happened to ... Joe Theismann Pt. II details his pro career and his life after football. More surprises are in store. Published June 11 2008

  • Whatever happened to... Joe Theismann

    This could be the most comprehensive article on Joe Theismann anywhere. It is so comprehensive, I had to break it up into two parts. Here's Part One. Published June 9 2008

  • A snap quiz

    Periodically I'll be holding snap quizzes to test your Redskins knowledge. Here's the first. Published June 5 2008

  • Smith, Brown for Hall

    Do you think Jerry Smith and Larry Brown should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame? Read this. Published June 3 2008