The Washington Times - March 18, 2008, 03:57PM

\ On losing free agent receiver D.J. Hackett, with whom he worked in Seattle, to Carolina yesterday.\

\ “I’m excited for D.J. because I know him and I think he’s a good receiver. He’s off and running now. He’s got himself an opportunity. He used this opportunity to look at all the situations [Hackett also visited Tampa Bay and returning to Seattle was an option] and he took the one that was best for him.”\


\ On bringing in any more free agents for a visit:\

\ “If something comes up, we’ll run it down, but there isn’t anything that I’m hot after.”\

\ On drafting a big receiver early:\

\ “I don’t know if I want to say big is the prerequisite. It can’t be a 5-8 guy. It’s something that has to definitely be considered depending on who that guy or that group is, who’s available. There are a lot of receivers out there.”\

\ On 6-5 receiver Anthony Mix, who hardly played after signing in November:\

\ “I just got to meet Anthony Mix. He’s a big receiver. He’s going to get every opportunity. I don’t know these guys yet. This is the early part of workouts. I get to put a face to a name and see how they work, see what I have to work with.”\

\ On the players who have yet to report for workouts:\

\ “There’s not a designated ‘you have a free pass to do whatever you want.’ There’s a constant communication effort to make sure we know what those guys are doing and they know what we’re doing. All of these guys are going to be in and out.”\

\ On preparing for the draft as a head coach as opposed to as a position coach:\

\ “I can’t know 330 players. I know who the upper crust is. The whole idea for a head coach is to go over it, go over it and get to know one more guy each time. You start familiarizing yourself with that list at each position so you can develop a depth as you go.”\

\ On the Redskins’ offensive personnel fitting his quick-hitting, West Coast scheme:\

\ “Probably the key areas are tight end — what type of tight end are you going to have? Are you going to have more than two or three receivers at any time so your wide receiver group is important. To be diversified in that group. If we’re going to be a two-back run team what’s our fullback going to be like? Our fullback at times can look like a tight end [which fits incumbent Mike Sellers]. We have a little bit of flexibility there. Even [Pro Bowl tight end] Chris Cooley can be in the backfield. He’s not going to be our lead blocker like our fullback would be, but you can create a little deception that way.”\

\ On installing the playbook:\

\ “We’re very close for what we want to do this offseason. Then it’s just a matter of extending it out to training camp. The nuts and bolts, how we want to call plays, are all there. We’re making sure that the pictures we put up on our Powerpoint match exactly what we want to communicate. The play selection, that’s what I’m having to [decide how much to install].”\