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Redskins 360 Archive: October 2009

  • Suisham trying wrong kicks

    Shaun Suisham didn't go to the locker room, but he's trying field goals instead of punts. Published October 4 2009

  • Hunter Smith hurt

    Punter Hunter Smith, the most consistently solid Redskin, is hurt. Published October 4 2009

  • Peccatiello in the house

    Longtime Redskins linebackers coach Larry Peccatiello dropped by the press box. Published October 4 2009

  • Portis starts, usual inactives

    No surprises among the Redskins' inactives. Published October 4 2009

  • Redskins Saturday report

    Leftovers from the week as the Redskins get ready for Tampa Bay. Published October 3 2009

  • When Portis got hurt

    Clinton Portis missed the last 10 minutes of the Lions game. Published October 2 2009

  • Playing time vs. Lions

    Better late than never, the Redskins snap counts from Detroit game. Published October 2 2009

  • Faine out for Bucs

    Tampa Bay will be without center Jeff Faine on Sunday at Washington and might be without defensive end Gaines Adams and receiver Antonio Bryant. Published October 2 2009

  • Portis a game-time decision again

    Jim Zorn said ailing No. 1 running back Clinton Portis is a game-time decision for the second straight week.  Portis agrees. Published October 2 2009

  • Everyone practices

    All of yesterday's walking wounded are on the field for today's light practice. Published October 2 2009

  • He Said, She Said Week 4

    The Washington Times' Ryan O'Halloran and News 4's Lindsay Czarniak debate five Redskins issues. Published October 2 2009

  • Bodog: Not good for Zorn

    Odds for variety of NFL items, including first coach fired. Published October 1 2009

  • Hall, Griffin, Monty ailing, too

    Add DeAngelo Hall, Cornelius Griffin and Anthony Montgomery to the injury list. Published October 1 2009

  • Rogers returns

    Cornerback Carlos Rogers is back on the practice field. Published October 1 2009

  • Doughty in, Horton out

    Reed Doughty is the new starting strong safety. Published October 1 2009

  • Albert talks ... to Tampa

    Albert Haynesworth talks to Tampa Bay reporters. Published October 1 2009