The Washington Times - September 7, 2009, 12:56PM

Giants coach Tom Coughlin isn’t one of the NFL’s happy campers. Here’s his discussion with the New York media about the Redskins signing quarterback Andre Woodson off their practice squad off waivers from New York a week before the teams meet in the season opener.

Q: Is there ever a concern where a player like Andre Woodson is with you one week and the next week he is on your opponent’s roster? Is there ever any concern with what he could reveal scheme-wise?


A: Do you mean: ‘Why is he in Washington right now?’ That’s pretty obvious why he is there. We’ll see. There is no question that is what is going on, but hopefully – well, we’ll see what transpires. It works both ways a little bit.

Q: He knows a lot about….

A: Well, enough comments.

Q: You really haven’t done that, have you? Teams do that. I don’t remember you bringing in guys from a team the week before you play them?

A: I have been a part of it. I have seen it done. A guy doesn’t get in the door two seconds – he is in the classroom and being drilled. But not of late, no, not of late.

Q: How much can you really get out of it?

A: You would be surprised.

Q: Do you have to change all of your audible calls?

A: I’m sure we will have to change some.

This transcript landed in my inbox right after another from the Giants announced the signing of fullback Nehemiah Broughton to their practice squad. Broughton was with the Redskins from the 2005 draft through last summer and probably knows their offense as well as Woodson knows New York’s.

- David Elfin