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Riffologist Archive: July 2007

  • Paa-per-baack reader, part 2

    Following up for the (no doubt) large contingent of readers out there who care about my reading a... Published July 30 2007

  • Uncool, and unashamed

    "Favorite bad albums": I love this game. I want to play, too.\ \ Let's define terms first, though... Published July 27 2007

  • 'Shark' fever

    I caught my beloved kids from Philly, Marah, at Jammin' Java Wednesday night, and the Bielanko br... Published July 27 2007

  • Paa-per-baack reader

    Aside from a few John Grisham novels, and a few more Tom Clancys, I've never been much of a middl... Published July 25 2007

  • Britney's puppy faux pas

    Just when you thought the poor girl's PR troubles couldn't get any worse, now the Humane Society... Published July 16 2007

  • Still dreaming on...

    The Post's Ann Hornaday has a nice feature today about the persistent -- and conspicuous -- absen... Published July 10 2007

  • The one-world according to Dave Mustaine

    I'm not crazy about depictions, however symbolic, of a major international organization's Manhatt... Published July 9 2007