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Riffologist Archive: October 2007

  • 'Magic' static

    FOX News' Roger Friedman, bless him, is shaking his fists at Big Radio for not playing new music... Published October 31 2007

  • Arcade Fire on E Street

    Bruce and Co., with Win and Regine Butler, doing Springsteen's "State Trooper" and Arcade Fire's... Published October 15 2007

  • Two thoughts on the culture and fatherhood

    From Henry James' "The Portrait of a Lady" (1881): "He never speaks of his painting -- to people... Published October 12 2007

  • Bruce Bizkit

    I'm not sure if the producers over at "60 Minutes" timed it deliberately, but right after Bruce S... Published October 8 2007

  • Rockonomics

    Megan McArdle and Tyler Cowen each have interesting analyses of Radiohead's move to offer its new... Published October 3 2007