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The Robbins Report Archive: July 2011

  • TRR: Tea Party Hobbits versus Gollum McCain

    Sen. John McCain denigrated the "Tea Party Hobbits" but as as Sen. Rand Paul tweeted, “I'd rather be a Hobbit than a troll.” And Tolkien scholarship suggests that Hobbits are as American as Kentucky Fried Chicken. Published July 28 2011

  • TRR: Surprise! Liberals Discover the Constitution Authorizes Instant Unlimited Debt

    Liberals in Congress have made the shocking discovery that the Constitution authorizes the president to ignore the legislature and simply raise the debt ceiling with the stroke of a pen. So what's all the fuss about? Published July 28 2011

  • Exclusive: The Oslo Terrorist in His Own Words: Bomber Predicted “Europe soon will burn once again”

    Suspected Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik, in custody following a shooting and bombing rampage on July 22 that left 92 people dead, believes that the number of Muslims in Western Europe is “reaching critical mass” and that “there is a core of Cultural Communist elites in Western Europe who really want to destroy Western civilization, European traditions, national solidarity and Christianity.” But he believes an impending economic meltdown will generate armed grassroots resistance in Europe. He spelled out his beliefs in what he saw as the threats to the European identity posed by radical Muslims and multiculturalists in a series of messages obtained exclusively by The Washington Times. Published July 23 2011

  • TRR: Ronald Reagan, Pro-Tax Liberal Zombie

    Liberals are claiming that Ronald Reagan would have supported President Obama's trillion dollar tax approach to the debt ceiling crisis. There they go again... Published July 21 2011

  • TRR: Your Taxes at Work: The UN Global Warming Force

    The U.N. may soon be deploying troops to fight the effects of global warming, and yes you will probably be paying for it. Published July 21 2011

  • TRR: Where do the Bikini Cops Wear Their Badges?

    Acapulco's answer to out of control drug-fueled violence? Sexy cops. Published July 14 2011

  • TRR: The Gay Muslim Pork Rib Ramadan BBQ

    The Obama administration is actively promoting gay rights in the Muslim world. No wonder they hate us. Published July 14 2011

  • TRR: The Hollywood Red (State) Underground

    A new documentary on the Obama administration's ruinous economic policies shows that you can be a conservative filmmaker in Hollywood and survive to speak truth to power. Published July 14 2011

  • TRR: Chinese Smog is Saving the World

    Polar bears can thank Chinese dirty coal for saving the ice cap and other exotic current climate theories. Published July 7 2011

  • TRR: A Two-State Solution for America

    Secession seems to be back in vogue these days. From southern Sudan to southern California and Arizona, more and more people just want to go it alone. Published July 7 2011

  • TRR: Peaceniks Discover Big Boy Rules

    Give the good ship Juliano some props -- literally. The Swedish-flagged craft was in the Greek port of Piraeus as part of a flotilla seeking to challenge Israel’s naval security cordon around Gaza when, according to flotilla organizers, “hostile divers destroyed the [ship’s] propeller house and cut the propeller shaft.” It seems that someone one-upped the peaceniks’ attempt to create an international incident. Published July 7 2011