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Editors of The Washington Times Sports Desk will weigh in on the latest topics.

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Leg work

One of the many things I admire about our Capitals beat writer Stephen Whyno is his total dedication to his beat. Some might call it an obsession and I wouldn't argue. Point is, Stephen works his beat like crazy.

The SE's Brag Book

Consider this the sports editor's brag book. I hope to regularly update this with highlights from our recent coverage. Call me a proud SE - our writers are out there hustling and bringing you information from a variety of places. Let me try to sum it all up in one place.

Thank you Jason Chimera

You can't spend a lifetime in the sports writing business if you don't enjoy watching sports. As I've noted in previous entries, I enjoy watching sports even when it isn't for work. Baseball and hockey -- very different games in terms of the spectating experience -- are two of my favorites.

Pardon, your bias is showing

I have a very serious bias in the NCAA tournament. It's called Virginia Commonwealth University. Or VCU for short. This year's Cinderella (though I'm biased against that term), the team people thought shouldn't be IN the tournament that is now a day away from playing Kansas for a spot in the Final Four. Which means the Rams are in the Elite Eight.

The Times jinx?

We haven't even published a section yet -- look for the first one on Monday -- and we're already moving into Sports Illustrated territory when it comes to jinxes.

Selection Sunday

Ain't technology grand? That was my thought late last night as I watched the end of the Virginia Tech-Florida State game. Not all that long ago, Florida State's celebration would have continued. The refs would have run off the court and the Hokies would have been very sad losers probably relegated to the National Invitation Tournament.

A 'dirty' goal

Alexander Semin dirty? Really? I've heard Semin called all kinds of things, but never dirty. Come to find out, "dirty" is some youthful slang that means wicked sweet or beautiful or incredible or some such.

Coming home

The Washington Times is bringing back its sports section and it has chosen not-so-little ol' me to be the editor.