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SportsBiz Archive: February 2008

  • Getting there: Bridge walk

    I took a trip this afternoon down to the ballpark site, and decided to walk across the Frederick... Published February 29 2008

  • Ballpark transportation tidbits

    Since I must enjoy torturing myself, I sat through last night's D.C. Council hearing on parking a... Published February 29 2008

  • On the roster: Ben's Chili Bowl

    The Nationals have released its roster of food vendors that will have stands and carts at the tea... Published February 25 2008

  • Hi-def Nats

    The Mid-Atlantic Sports Network announced it will broadcast 80 baseball games in high-definition... Published February 25 2008

  • 'Miami' Marlins finally get their stadium

    It appears that the Marlins may finally be getting their new ballpark, after eight years of waiti... Published February 22 2008

  • Under cap, over budget

    There's an editorial in the D.C. Examiner today regarding the Nationals new ballpark and its cost... Published February 19 2008

  • Game on -- through 2012

    The NFL and its players association announced today that it has extended its contract with video... Published February 12 2008

  • Bill James and Rob Neyer speak

    Rob Neyer of ESPN.com is moderating a panel on baseball analytics, featuring Red Sox advisors Bil... Published February 9 2008

  • Stadiums, new and old

    I just finished listening to a panel discussion on the economics of sports facilities. The paneli... Published February 9 2008

  • Coulda, shoulda. ...

    Wyc Grousbeck, the managing partner and CEO of the Boston Celtics, pointed out that Ben Watson, t... Published February 9 2008

  • Greetings from Cambridge, Mass.

    I'm here inside Building 32 on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for the se... Published February 9 2008

  • Indy, Champ appear ready to merge

    It appears the Indy Racing League and Champ Car Series may finally be close to a merger that woul... Published February 8 2008

  • A few Sports Biz odds and ends ...

    * The D.C. Sports and Entertainment Commission has arranged for the city's high school baseball t... Published February 7 2008

  • Ballpark thoughts

    I know I'm about 18 hours late in doing this, but I did want dish out some info and thoughts from... Published February 5 2008

  • Giant ratings

    Ratings for last night's Super Bowl aren't available yet, but I am willing to bet it set records... Published February 4 2008

  • Where football and politics meet

    The two biggest news stories this weekend are obviously the Super Bowl and the lead-up to Tuesday... Published February 1 2008