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SportsBiz Archive: July 2008

  • MASN Hires Roch

    Roch Kubatko, who worked for the Sun for 21 years and covered the Orioles for 12, will take his "Roch Around the Clock" blog to MASN. Published July 30 2008

  • 'Skins Go With the FLO

    A special card that allows quick access through security lines at major airports will now also be used to allow fans to enter FedEx Field more quickly. Published July 29 2008

  • Anna and Justin

    In my piece today about the Washington Kastles, I wrote that the team wisely avoided having Justin Gimelstob and Anna Kournikova face each other in any matches last night," given the offensive comments Gimelstob made about Kournikova a few weeks ago. Published July 24 2008

  • Free Diamond Club Tickets! (sort of)

    The Nationals have figured out a new way to fill some of the oft-unoccupied premium seats at Nationals Park. Published July 23 2008

  • A-Rod and William Morris

    Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez has signed on as a client of the William Morris Agency, one of the premiere agencies in Hollywood. Published July 22 2008

  • All-Star Game ratings and Brett Favre

    Two notes of interest, which have absolutely nothing to do with one another except I didn't feel the need to make two separate posts. Published July 17 2008

  • "White Space" testing at stadiums

    Published July 11 2008

  • Nats don't pay the rent

    Published July 11 2008

  • Sad Day in Detroit

    Next week's All-Star game is getting a lot of buzz because it's part of the farewell tour of Yankee Stadium. And at the end of this season it will be sad to say good-bye to a place associated with that much baseball history. Published July 10 2008

  • Those Dismal TV Ratings

    There can't be one specific reason that only 9,000 households are tuning in to games. But I do have one theory that hasn't really been touched on elsewhere. Published July 9 2008

  • U.S. Open dough

    OK, so perhaps we've been a little too obsessed with tennis recently. We'll stop it. We promise. But before we quit it's worth noting the recent news from the USTA, which bumped up its prize money for the U.S. Open. Published July 9 2008

  • NBC, the Worldwide Leader in Tape Delay

    Published July 4 2008