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SportsBiz Archive: June 2008

  • Ethiopia at RFK

    The Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America (ESFNA) will hold its largest fundraiser this week inside RFK Stadium. Published June 30 2008

  • If a soccer ball is kicked and no one sees it....

    Germany won 3-2, but the television feed was in and out for much of the second half. Published June 25 2008

  • World's Most Expensive Dress Shirt?

    Put this in the "some people will buy just about anything" category. Published June 25 2008

  • Sports owners and politics

    A quick examination of the donations made by D.C.-area sports team owners shows some strong Democratic leanings, with support of both Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton. Published June 23 2008

  • A soul-crushing nightmare of unimaginable horror

    Don't you know that a golf tournament without Tiger Woods is like a Thanksgiving without turkey? Published June 18 2008

  • More on the MMA

    Published June 17 2008

  • A day where nothing got done

    Whatever economic boost we got from those stimulus checks was probably shot to heck by the complete lack of productivity in American offices this afternoon. Published June 16 2008

  • Rock Flies Right Through Paper!

    It's official: The world has run out of competitive events to televise. Published June 12 2008

  • Impact of Futbol Stadiums

    Published June 10 2008

  • LEMKE: Four days, so much missed

    Published June 9 2008

  • Ratings galore

    I've been bombarded with a flurry of ratings releases today, which I'll summarize here. The general upshot: Lots of people are watching sports. Published June 3 2008

  • Museums getting ready for Big Brown

    Museums already have contacted Big Brown's camp to see if they can borrow the silks and other items related to the colt's wins at Churchill Downs, Pimlico and, if he wins Saturday, Belmont Park. Published June 3 2008

  • You can rest now, Kimbo

    Those who tuned in last night to watch CBS' Elite XC Saturday Night Fights witnessed one of the greatest sporting spectacles in the history of organized competition. Not. Published June 1 2008