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SportsBiz Archive: October 2009

  • The NFL and Head Injuries

    Congress weighs in on the concussion issue Published October 28 2009

  • Washington Nationals: Web Gem Champs?

    The Nationals, believe it or not, will be getting a special award for their defensive skills on ESPN tonight. Ryan Zimmerman will also be honored. Published October 26 2009

  • Pitch F/X for Strasburg Thursday

    Fans of Stephen Strasburg will get their first glance of his "stuff" during an Arizona Fall League game.  Published October 21 2009

  • Limbaugh and the Rams

    Conservative talk show host said he warned Dave Checketts about backlash, was assured the NFL was OK with deal Published October 15 2009

  • Baseball and instant replay

    If baseball is going to expand instant replay, it must first address the speed of games. Published October 13 2009

  • Watching baseball at 2 a.m.

    A weary baseball fan tries to explain why he was up so late last night. Published October 12 2009

  • D.C. United and Baltimore

    An update on Charm City's push for a soccer stadium. Published October 7 2009

  • Armed Forces Tripleheader

    CBS College Sports will televise Army, Navy and Air Force all in a row Saturday. Network proclaims it to be "Armed Forces Week" with free preview on cable and satellite systems. Published October 5 2009

  • More DirecTV and Versus

    Versus gets 10 million new subscribers due to Dish Network, other providers adding the channels. Published October 1 2009

  • Audi's big splash At FedEx

    Introducing the new Audi Club Published October 1 2009