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Tara's Two Cents Archive: March 2009

  • Conservative Comeback?

    Could the conservative movement already be on the verge of a comeback? Published March 31 2009

  • Mission Accomplished, Again

    It seems, according to President Obama, that the war is over. Published March 26 2009

  • Brownie reincarnated

    Remember former FEMA Director "Brownie?" Here's what he and Tim Geither have in common. Published March 23 2009

  • Geithner: The Fall Guy

    If Tim Geithner's days aren't numbered, they should be. Published March 18 2009

  • Fundamental faux pas

    President Barack Obama seems to be channeling Sen. John McCain -- all over again. Published March 17 2009

  • Rihanna Get Your Guns

    If one lawmaker has his way and a bill making its way through the Maryland House of Delegates passes, victims of domestic abuse will be armed. Published March 13 2009

  • The Ghost of Geithner

    Will the real Timothy Geithner please stand up? Is what we've seen thus far the true Geithner, his disembodied spirit, or is he in fact a disembodied spirit? Published March 12 2009

  • Steele Bans 'Outreach' From RNC

    Expressing disdain for the term, GOP Chair Michael Steele banishes the word 'outreach', while explaining his plan to appeal to minority voters. Published March 10 2009

  • Who You Calling A Coward?

    President Obama calls Attorney General Holder on the carpet for calling the nation cowards. Published March 9 2009

  • Who's The Boss of You?

    Battling the Beltway press about just who is charge of the Republican Party, is an effort in futility. Published March 5 2009