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Power at 35,000 feet

During a two-hour flight from Buenos Aires to Santiago, Chile, I listened to a whole album on my iPhone while writing several items for the magazine I serve using the "new" iPad. Taking off from Santiago for Toronto (on my way to Hong Kong; don't ask), I continued to write on my iPad, switching my music source to that device.

Yes U Cn Txt, But Cn U Talk?

As much as 25 percent of Internet traffic comes via smartphones; is that killing our ability to communicate while speaking on the phone?

Stupid iPad tricks, but with a point

Dropping an iPad from a weather balloon that burst at an altitude of around 100,000 feet may not seem like a great idea, but it is a good way to demonstrate a protective case, I guess.

Apple's Disappointed Fans?

It might seem as if Apple's legion of fans were disappointed by the non-launch of an "iPhone 5" on Tuesday. But there's much to celebrate nonetheless.

Kindle Fire? iPhone 5? Here's what I think...

On Wednesday afternoon, FOX 5 DC was kind enough to ask my opinions of the soon-coming Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet and the anticipated iPhone 5 announcement due, reportedly, on Tuesday. Take a look at what I told anchor Shawn Yancy.

Belkin Plans Keyboard/Case for iPad 2

As Apple Inc.'s iPad 2 settles into the market, more cases are appearing. Announcing on Aug. 5 is Belkin, whose case includes a Bluetooth keyboard, handy for writing and other tasks.

Report: to enter tablet market

The Wall Street Journal reported July 13 that is planning to offer a tablet computer allowing users to read Kindle-format eBooks, listen to music stored on Amazon's cloud-based service, and potentially run other applications. Is this a good idea, or just a stunt?