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Technology Archive: August 2008

  • Facebook Freezes. World in Peril?

    The outage, earlier this week, of Gmail, Google's e-mail service, caused much wailing and gnashing of teeth among the technorati -- and the rest of us. On Wednesday afternoon, Facebook has a problem, which may account for the moaning and crying you're hearing throughout the metro area. Published August 13 2008

  • Keep your iPod on the ground and keep reaching for the stars

    Premiere Radio Networks, which syndicates Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Steve Harvey, Casey Kasem and Ryan Secrest -- among others -- is adding a new "Top 40" countdown: the star is Apple's iTunes. Published August 13 2008

  • This. Is. Hilarious. Discuss.

    I've seen plenty of viral videos, but this one takes the cake! Published August 11 2008

  • Next Microsoft OS to be Windows-free?

    Nothing, the noted "technology analyst" and New Jersey hausfrau Carmella Soprano, lasts forever, and Microsoft Windows is apparently on that list, if media reports are to be believed. Published August 4 2008