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Technology Archive: July 2008

  • Digital Qwest at Denver Int'l (Part II)

    You can still hook up to free high-speed Internet at Denver International Airport (DIA) thanks to Qwest, the local telco. Just don't look for any human support on site. Published July 13 2008

  • iPhone and Apple Store woes understandable

    It's a bit understandable that many people are frustrated by glitches in Apple's new launches. For now, that is. Published July 13 2008

  • FIRST LOOK: iPhone 2.0 software shines

    I hit a snag with pre-install backup, but the new software for Apple's iPhone is quite impressive. So are the two applications I've downloaded. Published July 10 2008

  • A real traveling salvation

    Is deliverance at hand for airport-bound travelers carrying computers with them? A Harrisburg firm believes it is. Published July 9 2008

  • Bermuda a tech paradise?

    This may not be a total tech paradise, but Bermuda sure comes close. Published July 4 2008