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Technology Archive: June 2008

  • Stop red eye now!

    There's no excuse for leaving "red eye" in photos anymore. This isn't as big as stopping the abuses in Darfur, but a social movement may be needed. Published June 25 2008

  • Get Firefox 3 (if you can!)

    Firefox 3 is a new Web browser worth playing with -- and using. But in its quest to set a Guinness world record, users may find the cyberspace equivalent of a "busy signal" today. Published June 17 2008

  • Are laptops useless?

    One computer magazine editor says laptop computers aren't for everybody. True, but the fellow is selling computer users short in many instances. Published June 13 2008

  • The Remarkable Mr. Ballmer

    If there is a prize for being a "digital raconteur," Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft Corp. is a leading contender, if not the overall winner. Published June 4 2008