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Technology Archive: May 2009

  • Social media has biz perils, study says

    Who'd'a thunk it? A business (or any other enterprise?) can be unmade by the social media that perhaps helped make it. Published May 27 2009

  • Zune grows up, adds HD Radio

    Microsoft's Zune hasn't yet been an iPod killer. Will this help? Published May 26 2009

  • More on Linux woes

    Lots of folks -- well, one, at least -- have an opinion about my Linux problem. Published May 25 2009

  • Remember fair use when making videos, AU says

    If you're mixing up a new Nancy Pelosi-meets-Godzilla video for YouTube, remember the rules of fair use, a news item from American University says. Published May 18 2009

  • Giving it away online

    More than 500 books are published each day in America. Someone's trying to sell more by giving them away online. Published May 1 2009