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Technology Archive: October 2009

  • Facebook wins round against phishing spammer

    Facebook won a $711 million court judgement Thursday against an alleged spammer who used a "phishing" scheme to gain access to personal accounts at the social networking Website. Published October 29 2009

  • One more word about Linux and Windows 'emulatiion'

    In Monday's "On Computers" column, I make reference to WINE, which, technically is not a Windows "emulator." I did so using the word "Emulatiion" up front. Here's why: Published October 25 2009

  • AT&T relents, allows VoIP on Apple's iPhone

    Perhaps seeing the FCC's handwriting on the proverbial wall, AT&T today said it would permit Voice-over-Internet-Protocol, or VoIP, calls on Apple's iPhone, which is currently tied to the AT&T wireless phone network. Published October 6 2009