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Trail Times Archive: August 2008

  • Delegates feel for Gulf Coast

    Delegates expressed sympathy for the people of the Gulf Coast, even though the deadly hurricane headed in their direction is responsible for scaling back the GOP’s quadrennial partisan bash. Published August 31 2008

  • Bush first sitting president to skip convention since LBJ

    LBJ didn't run for reelection. Published August 31 2008

  • Voter to shirt-sleeved Joe Biden: 'You are gorgeous!'

    VP nominee gets colorful in Ohio. Published August 31 2008

  • Code Pink and the police

    The anti-war group Code Pink hasn't escaped recent actions by law enforcement targeting protesters at the Republican National Convention. Published August 31 2008

  • Video: Biden in action

    Some fun with video on the campaign trail with the new Democratic ticket. Published August 31 2008

  • Passengers pumped for Palin, convention

    Published August 30 2008

  • Police, protesters pre-emptively clash

    There's typically little love lost between police and political protesters. Published August 30 2008

  • Do over

    The Obama campaign seeks to put out a more measured statement on new Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin Published August 29 2008

  • Democrats see disunity in GOP

    It's not Obama vs. Hillary, but Democrats point reporters to a potential problem for the GOP among evangelicals. Published August 29 2008

  • A bilingual convention

    There was a lot of talk en espanol tonight at Invesco Field. Will we hear as much in St. Paul? Published August 29 2008

  • Scenes from Invesco

    Some sights and sounds from Invesco Field on the final day of the DNC. Published August 28 2008

  • The wave, a great american past time

    Thousands attending the last night of the Democratic convention had their own camera time doing what all Americans love at a sporting venue. Published August 28 2008

  • Crush of humanity at Obama's speech

    The road to Barack Obama's acceptance speech was hardly paved with political gold. It was more like a rocky construction site. Published August 28 2008

  • Et tu, partygoer?

    Faux Romans march on "Barackopolis" Published August 28 2008

  • Barack and Brit: birds of a feather?

    Republicans are going crazy about the fact that Britney Spears and Barack Obama share the same set designer. Published August 28 2008

  • Update: Peace from Cindy Sheehan

    Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan drafts her own preamble to Obama speech, above "Freedom Cage" in Denver, according to email to supporters. Published August 28 2008

  • Obama tickets going for top dollar

    Cash, a free place to stay and Allman Brothers tickets are just a few of the proposed swaps offered online by people scrambling to get into INVESCO Field to hear Barack Obama's big acceptance speech tonight. Published August 28 2008

  • Nader wants you

    All the way across town right before President Bill Clinton was scheduled to speak at the Democratic Convention, a presidential candidate was speaking: Ralph Nader. Published August 28 2008

  • If it's Lieberman...

    A group has a deal for Joe Lieberman, if he is John McCain's vice presidential pick: agree to caucus with Republicans for the rest of the year. Published August 28 2008

  • Obama gets all the Bidens, except Hunter

    Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama thanked the whole Biden family for its support tonight, in a surprise appearance at the convention, except power-lobbyist Hunter Biden. Published August 27 2008