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Trail Times Archive: August 2008

  • Military men outspoken for Obama

    Five people who spoke in support of Sen. Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention aren't likely to please their former employer. Published August 27 2008

  • How do you keep new congressmen out of a party?

    There was just one thing missing from the invitation-only reception for new members of Congress inside a ritzy townhouse in downtown Denver Wednesday. Published August 27 2008

  • McAuliffe ducks out before Obama's finale

    Former Democratic Party boss Terry McAuliffe insists he's backing Barack Obama, despite plans to leave Denver before the Democratic nominee's big acceptance speech Thursday. Published August 27 2008

  • More than a Clinton campaign song?

    Former President Bill Clinton took the stage here to his old theme song, "Don't Stop," but was it more a look to the future than to the past. Published August 27 2008

  • The McCain survival kit

    Democrats expect McCain to give those at his convention next week indigestion and a headache. Published August 27 2008

  • Will he wear a toga?

    Latest e-mail from the McCain camp. Published August 27 2008

  • Harnessing the wind

    T. Boone Pickens campaigns to end America's dependence on foreign oil. Published August 27 2008

  • Nancy Pelosi and the Catholic bishops

    Advice for the speaker of the House to consider when dealing with the leaders of her church Published August 27 2008

  • Will he wear a toga?

    Published August 27 2008

  • Economy-sized gas guzzling

    Electric golf carts aren't the only means of transport at the "green convention." Published August 27 2008

  • Those who sort also serve

    In the trenches with the Green Team Published August 27 2008

  • 'These Clintons are ruining me'

    Former Clinton campaign chairman and longtime confidante Terry McAuliffe does some off-the-cuff stand-up for Virginia delegates this morning. Published August 27 2008

  • Joe Biden: Zero to hero

    Dave Barry on the magic of a political convention Published August 27 2008

  • Clinton a proud wife?

    U.S. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton cited her many allegiances in the opening of yesterday's speech, save for one very important connection - her marriage to former President Bill Clinton. Published August 27 2008

  • Barefoot, Birkenstocks, bifocals, Barack

    While Hillary Clinton took the floor at the Pepsi Center Tuesday night, others from Mrs. Clinton's Baby Boom generation gathered at the Temple Buell Theatre... Published August 27 2008

  • A cheat sheet for today's roll call vote

    The (possible) theatrics start at 5 p.m. EDT. Published August 27 2008

  • Obama, Biden to begin battleground tour

    Newly minted ticket will stump in PA, OH and MI after DNC. Published August 27 2008

  • Clinton a la Orange

    Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's orange pantsuit could have signified any number of things. Here are a few guesses. Published August 26 2008

  • Dem chairman speaks of unity

    Howard Dean says Democrats are more united behind Barack Obama than Republicans are behind John McCain. Published August 26 2008

  • Hillary packs the house

    Hillary Clinton was such a draw at Democrats' convention tonight that fire marshals closed down the hall. Published August 26 2008