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Trail Times Archive: August 2008

  • Salazar to nominate Obama

    Colorado Sen. Ken Salazar to formally nominate Barack Obama as the Democrats' presidential candidate tomorrow. Published August 26 2008

  • Sights and sounds from Denver

    Traveling with The Creative Coalition to a list of Hollywood events yesterday was 94-year-old Ann Deschanel, grandmother of actress Zoey Deschanel. Published August 26 2008

  • Dean swipes at mainstream media

    Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean took a shot at the mainstream media and praised youthful bloggers. Published August 26 2008

  • Webb: Dems should tackle offshore drilling

    U.S. Sen. Jim Webb says one of the "great mistakes" the Democratic Congress made before going to recess was letting Republicans lead on the issue of offshore drilling. Published August 26 2008

  • Webb channels Moynihan

    Sen. Jim Webb told members of the Virginia delegation he'd like to see the Legislative branch achieve greater control. Published August 26 2008

  • Obama plot

    DENVER | Local and federal authorities are investigating whether three men and a woman arrested in the Denver area on drug and firearms suspicions may have been plotting to assassinate Sen. Barack Obama, but they say there are no credible threats right now involving the Democratic presidential candidate. Published August 26 2008

  • Try the Obamapolitan

    From the Obamapolitan to the Rodham Sockem, Dixon's restaurant has some fairly snarky cocktails for the DNC delegates. Published August 26 2008

  • Nader blasts Dems

    Perennial third-party candidate rips Democrats in honor of DNC. Published August 26 2008

  • It's good to be a swing state

    Montana delegates marvel to reporter Christina Bellantoni about their prime DNC floor spot. Published August 26 2008

  • Hillary Clinton and loser speeches

    Some of the most memorable speeches in recent American political history have come from nomination losers. Will Hillary Clinton rise to the challenge? Published August 26 2008

  • Obama doesn't have quite the same crossover appeal

    Democrats showcase a Republican maverick on convention night one, but they're probably targeting the wrong voters. Published August 26 2008

  • Green challenge

    Virginia gubernatorial candidate, Delegate Brian S. Moran, is offsetting his carbon footprint at the DNC. Published August 25 2008

  • Obama double turns heads

    Barack Obama lookalike greets corndog stand patrons. Published August 25 2008

  • Denying Communion: Here we go again

    In a reprise of 2004, it's the bishops versus the politicians in Round 2 of who does or does not get Communion. Published August 25 2008

  • 'Unconventional' protest

    Code Pink delays Speaker Pelosi's speech. Published August 25 2008

  • A taste of New Orleans

    Denver fundraiser aids efforts to rebuild the city. Published August 25 2008

  • Virginia delegation enjoys the view in Denver

    Delegates from Virginia are lavishing their location on the floor of the Pepsi Center, a prominent spot at the front of the convention hall for activists from the potential swing state. Published August 25 2008

  • Md. Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown leaves Denver

    Maryland Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown left Denver today mourn the loss of his cousin, Cathy Brown. Published August 25 2008

  • Team Obama's DNC preview

    A new video teases the convention. Published August 25 2008

  • Ad watch: DNC edition

    Teams Obama and McCain release dueling ads. Published August 25 2008