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Trail Times Archive: November 2008

  • Enough already

    Americans were fans of the presidential election, but enough is enough. Fully 82 percent of us now say they don't miss following the election one bit, according to a Pew Research Center survey of 1,000 adults released Wednesday. Published November 12 2008

  • D.C.'s Eastern Market in Obama spirit

    Vendors are selling lots of gear inspired by the president-elect, the most common being a "Yes we did" T-shirt. Published November 10 2008

  • Garner's latest cartoon

    Reviving the GOP Published November 8 2008

  • Superstar Gov. Sarah Palin spent Wednesday poolside at the luxurious Biltmore Hotel Resort and Spa.

    Superstar Gov. Sarah Palin spent Wednesday poolside at the luxurious Biltmore Hotel Resort and Spa. Published November 6 2008

  • Googlers crave Obama information

    Top searches at noon included "rahm emanuel", "michelle obama s dress" and "inauguration day 2009 tickets." Published November 5 2008

  • Voters cite history

    Barack Obama supporters triumphed in their candidate's election - and Obama made sure to capitalize on their support. Published November 5 2008

  • Biltmore crowd awaits McCain

    The mood is still upbeat, but some small groups talk in hushed tones. Published November 4 2008

  • A summons to the ballroom

    The media pool gathers in anticipation of Sen. John McCain's appearance. Published November 4 2008

  • Straight talk

    On the final campaign flight, Sen. John McCain reflects on his two-year presidential run. Published November 4 2008

  • Election Day dispatches

    Voters provide their anecdotal polling-place experiences. Published November 4 2008

  • Md. elections board swamped with calls

    Officials hired a call center to help deal with the overwhelming voter turnout. Published November 4 2008

  • The Ehrlich ballot split

    Up in Ehrlich country -- Baltimore County -- this morning, Republican voters had a hard time voting the former gov's "ticket." Published November 4 2008

  • McCain campaign vets voting concerns

    The campaign of Sen. John McCain and the Republican Party of Virginia have notified state officials of possible polling problems. Published November 4 2008

  • Obama texts to GOTV

    Barack Obama's campaign just sent this text message: People who love their country can change it! Published November 4 2008

  • McCain supporters make calls online

    The McCain campaign is enlisting supporters over the Internet to do get-out-the-vote phone calls. Published November 4 2008

  • Half hour wait in Cleveland Park

    Waiting time was down to half an hour at 11:00 a.m. in the heavily Democratic neighborhood of Cleveland Park -- half what it was at 7 a.m according to election officials. Published November 4 2008

  • Obama: Red state Indiana possible

    Sen. Barack Obama told reporters today he thinks he can win the Hoosier State. Published November 4 2008

  • Minor problems with Virginia voting

    The Virginia State Board of Elections says polling places are experiencing "no widespread problems" but minor issues have occurred in some areas of the state. Published November 4 2008

  • Celebrate democracy with free ice cream, coffee

    Voters who aren't tired of long lines can find some more for some goodies today. Published November 4 2008

  • Obama votes, so does Ayers

    Sen. Barack Obama voted this morning. Here is the pool report: Published November 4 2008