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Trail Times Archive: September 2008

  • 35 days and counting

    Wondering how long it's been since John McCain held a press conference? The Democratic National Committee has set up a clock to keep track. Published September 18 2008

  • Does this mean Obama is fired?

    Donald Trump has endorsed John McCain. Published September 18 2008

  • The big hunt

    Gov. Sarah Palin may shoot moose. But Sens. Barack Obama and John McCain have hunters in their telescopic sites. Published September 17 2008

  • '08 earmarks

    New earmark requests are out - would a President McCain veto his pals' requests? Published September 17 2008

  • Obama's David Plouffe: Florida to cost $39 million

    Obama campaign manager details strategy in Web video, says McCain "in the gutter." Published September 17 2008

  • Bill Clinton: Give $, get our speeches on DVD

    Former president makes money pitch that comes with a DVD of Hillary's and Bill's speeches to DNC. Published September 16 2008

  • Can McCain expand the playing field?

    After all the speculation of Democrats' expanded playing field this year, a new poll suggests John McCain may be the one making inroads. Published September 16 2008

  • Does someone have a drinking problem?

    In the midst of everything else, now advocates for tap water (yes, apparently there is such an organization) are upset that both John McCain and Barack Obama use bottled water. Published September 15 2008

  • Joe Biden to attack McCain

    Obama's running mate plans a harsh speech about their Republican foe; campaign pushes new ad blasting McCain's tactics. Published September 15 2008

  • Video - A tougher Barack Obama

    Barack Obama blasts John McCain as a George Bush carbon copy. Published September 13 2008

  • Getting hot in New Hampshire

    Rhetoric heats up at Obama campaign rally. Published September 12 2008

  • It's Obama night on SNL

    Yes, Sen. Barack Obama will make a cameo appearance on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" this weekend — just 24 hours or so after Sen. John McCain braved ABC's "The View" and FOX's "Rachael Ray," obviously out to woo the eat-in kitchen vote. Published September 12 2008

  • McCain blames Obama for killing immigration

    In a new Spanish-language ad, John McCain says Barack Obama isn't on the side of immigrants, blaming Obama "and his congressional allies" for efforts "that made immigration reform fail." Published September 12 2008

  • 53 days to go - now it gets REALLY ugly

    New attack ads on the airwaves from both camps. Published September 12 2008

  • Columbia students gather for star-studded service forum

    Service Nation presidential forum under way. Published September 11 2008

  • Obama and McCain visit Ground Zero, urge national service

    Presidential hopefuls pay tribute in person and transform their Web sites for 9/11. Published September 11 2008

  • Miss Piggy stays out of Obama dust-up

    The famed lipstick-wearing pig avoids getting involved in presidential politics. Published September 11 2008

  • An emotional moment for the president

    President Bush participates in a moment of silence on 9/11. Published September 11 2008

  • The biggest porkers

    The McCain folks must have forgotten to do the math, because they're still accusing Barack Obama of requesting more than $1 million in earmarks for each day he's been in the Senate — even though Alaska's daily average is even higher. Published September 9 2008

  • Team Obama hits back hard

    As McCain surges, Obama is out with a fundraising appeal and new ads, and plays offense on the trail. Published September 9 2008